Forever, My Valentine

Love comes in all shapes, styles and forms.   NEVER let love pass you by!


Valentines Day 2014


February 14, 2015 · 8:51 am

5 responses to “Forever, My Valentine

  1. Dominic J Bisignano

    Hi Chris,

    A happy St. Valentine’s to you and those you love.


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  2. Another “first” yes? What an absolutely delightful photo. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  3. Janice Hynes

    Hi Chris, Lovely picture…lovely thought! Kathy and I wish you all the best in your new home. Would always be happy to hear from you (and/or see you if you visit.) Love, Janice and Kathy

    From: The Purple Jacket To: Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2015 9:36 AM Subject: [New post] Forever, My Valentine #yiv5919560991 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5919560991 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5919560991 a.yiv5919560991primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5919560991 a.yiv5919560991primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5919560991 a.yiv5919560991primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5919560991 a.yiv5919560991primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5919560991 | Christopher MacLellan posted: “Love comes in all shapes, styles and forms.   NEVER let love pass you by!Valentines Day 2014” | |


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