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That Carly Simon song in the late 70’s ‘Anticipation’ comes to mind this evening as we prepare for our 9:15 am appointment with the oncologist on Friday.   We’ve done all the rounds this week: PET Scan on Monday, Cardiologist on Tuesday, Primary Care Physician on Wednesday we have been on the go constantly since we left St. Louis last Friday.  Today, we rested!   Yet the appointment with the oncologist is ‘the big one’. ..’Anticipation…it’s making me wait!’

While all the doctors we’ve seen this week have given us high marks, the Primary Care Physician was steadfast in her recommendation.   “Focus on your cancer treatments, everything else looks great.”

The human body sure is a funny place to live.  One of the positive outcomes of this experience is that ‘The Little One’ is off his diabetic medication.  So in essence, we’ve made a trade…Diabetes for Esophagus Cancer!   Tomorrow we’ll see just where we stand in this ‘trade’.  This ‘trade’ can prove to be beneficial with a good report on Friday from the oncologist.

“Anticipation…it’s making me wait!”


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The PET scan is scheduled for 9:30 am this morning. We are anxious to have the procedure completed as the results will determine the course of action for the treatments.

Soon, the unknown will be right before our eyes. There is a comfort that lies beneath the results, as it is always better to deal with the known.


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