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What Evidence Do I Need When Making a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another person or entity, then you could be entitled to compensation. While this will not heal your injury, it can be of great help, particularly if the injury has led to any kind of financial strain such as loss of earnings or expensive medical and equipment bills. In addition to this, a personal injury claim will hold those responsible accountable for their actions and could stop a similar accident happening again in the future to somebody else. In order to win your case, you will need evidence to prove that they are accountable; this is what you will need.


Photographs are hard evidence, so it is good to have as many as possible. These should include pictures of the accident site which show the immediate aftermath, as well as photographs of your injuries and any subsequent scarring.

Witness Statements

Claims are a lot stronger if there are witnesses who can back you up. Witness statements should be collated from anyone who saw or heard the accident or anyone that can attest that the conditions leading up to the incident were unsafe.

Medical Records

You will also need medical records from your doctor or from the hospital if you needed any emergency surgery. Additionally, injury specialists like may suggest that you get an assessment from an independent medical expert.


If any of the emergency services attended the scene of the accident, then you will need to gather their report. If the injury was sustained at work, then you will need to obtain a copy of the RIDDOR accident report.


It is also helpful if you maintain a diary that details how the injury has interfered with your daily life, how it has progressed and anything that you now need assistance doing, such as getting dressed or going to the bathroom.


You should also keep receipts for any expenses that have occurred as a result of your injury. This could include travel costs, mobility products, and so on.


Diagrams of how the incident happened can also be helpful to give a clear overview of what happened. Doing this is particularly valuable if it is a traffic accident.

Proof of Ownership

If you have property that was damaged as a result of the injury, like a car or bike, you will need proof of ownership and details of belongings which you are claiming compensation for.

These are the main items that you will need when making a personal injury claim. The more evidence that you have which clearly shows that your injury was sustained because of the negligence of the defendant, the better. Hard evidence such as photographs and witness statements are particularly important, but you may still make a successful claim without all of the above. In addition to the above evidence, you should also approach a respected and experienced law firm that has solicitors that specialize in the type of injury that you have sustained because this can be of big help.

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Coming Soon: A New Book and A New Look

Exciting Times are about to happen at “The Purple Jacket” as my first book, “What’s The Deal With Caregiving” will be available this weekend (October 17th) on  Check back here on the Purple Jacket for a direct link to purchase the book on Amazon when we go live this weekend.

“Here are a couple of testimonials from my upcoming book: “What’s The Deal With Caregiving”

Chris MacLellan, masterfully compiled advantageous information and resources that caregivers are desperately searching for. This book will help you make it through your caregiving campaign and survive in one piece. Having authored several dementia caregiving books myself, I constantly found myself nodding yes, and saying, “This book is right on the money.” This is a great collective wealth of resources for all caregivers, no matter what disease your loved one is ailing from. Author, 3D1Caregiver, Gary Joseph LeBlanc”

“I really love the approach you took with this – it’s different and of great interest to me as someone who was caregiving a loved one. It’s different because you are approaching it from angles that I don’t remember reading about before. You highlight important issues that sat at periphery of my awareness. I wish I had read this the year Kris started to wind down. Unfortunately I can’t go backwards, but for those now embarking on the caregiving journey it will be of immeasurable value.” Ira Woods, President and CEO of One World Memorials. Author’s Note: Please visit Ira Woods’ blog, Conscious for his well-written and compelling story when Caregiving ends.

What else is new you might ask?  Well, we are moving domains to ‘The Bow Tie”  This transition will happen over the next month wherebowtie guy rainbow 2_399 (1) we will be able to house all our podcasts, blog posts and our new resource area called the “Whole Care Network.”   The “Whole Care Network will be a mixture of podcasts, guest blog posts, and most importantly, trusted resources for you!

The resources in the “Whole Care Network” will center around the five pillars which I write about in my book, here is an exert:

“It is easy to get lost in Caregiving, I know it happened to me! Find purpose in the midst of Caregiving. Do not let your own health lag. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. These five pillars can get out of whack quickly, and when they do, it is all you can do to stay afloat. If there was one thing I could go back and change about my Caregiving experience, I would have taken better care of myself in all five of these areas. It’s “funny” the person who was insisting I take better care of myself, was the one I was caring for, my partner Richard.”

The “Whole Care Network” will feature trusted resources from professionals in all these area who will share their expertise with you.   But you know what is even more important?  For you to share your Caregiving expertise with them!  How can you WholeCareNetworkdo that you might ask?  Easy…share your story through a podcast with me on “Healing Ties!”  Everyone (Caregiver) has a story, but not everyone gets to share their story” now you have an outlet to share your story with me on a podcast!  For more details on how you can sign up for a podcast, simply email me at   Are you a professional who has a resource you would like to share?  Please, email me at!

So what lies ahead for “The Bow Tie Guy”…

New Book, “What’s The Deal With Caregiving”

New Podcast format for “Healing Ties”

New Website “”  (of course we will keep “The Purple Jacket” as this is where our Caregiving Story with my partner started”

I am available to speak to your company, organization or church on a variety of topics, email me at for details.

Second Book in the works:  “Healing Ties” A Story about Love, Care, Cancer and Commitment in 2016.

Thesis project in conjunction with Gonzaga University (we are hoping to partner with another well-known Caregiving advocate and website, when that is formalized, I will be sure to let you know).  The thesis project will center around Caregiving, Stress and the financial impact to employers and employees.

Last but now least, we are your go to for travel planning.  In my book, there is an entire section geared toward how to travel with your Caree.  With that, I have become a group cruise specialist.  Be on the lookout for an announcement on our first After Caregiving cruise in 2016!

As I write in my book:  “Richard would want me to create a new life to love”…and while I wish he was here with me now, I know that he is standing right beside me!

Remember our slogan…”We might have (had) cancer, but cancer never had us!”

The Bow Tie Guys

Thanks for all your continued support as we move in with life after Caregiving ends!


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Safe and Clean In Your Home on Healing Ties Radio

Join us on Wednesday May 6th on Health Cafe LIVE​ at 7:00 pm (EDT) as we visit with Robert G from HandyPro and Matt Paxton from Clutter Cleaner. Robert and Matt focus on keeping loved ones safe in their homes by the means of improving their environment for safe living. After Matt cleans the clutter, removes the dangerous hazards, Robert G from Handy Pro comes in, repairs and modifies the home to be age friendly. What a dynamic duo and they are quite a bit of fun, too! You might know Matt from A&E Emmy nominated show HOARDERS. Tune in and learn how Robert G and Matt Paxton are creating Healing Ties all around us! Cannot listen live? NO Worries!!! Health Ties Radio from The Bow Tie Guy​ is available on demand on iHeart Radio

To listen live on Health Cafe simply click here! 
Robert G_ Matt_Paxton_Healing_Ties_5_6_2015



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Finding Solutions on Healing Ties Radio

Join us on Wednesday April 22nd on Health Café  at 7:00 pm (EDT) as we visit with Doris Haas, RN from Atlas Care Management and Life Enthusiast, Betty Rosse. Both aging specialists, Doris and Betty help individuals and families find solutions to real life issues during the aging        process.  Through her work in Professional Care Management, and as Dementia Care Specialist and in Elder Care Mediation, Doris has as a first hand view of the aging issues.  Noted public speaker   Betty Rosse, presents on aging through the lens of Law of Attraction.  You don’t want to miss a     conversation with Betty and Doris!    Tune in and learn how Betty and Doris are creating Healing Ties all around us. Cannot listen live?  No Worries!! Healing Ties is available on demand at iHeart Radio and now on now on UK Health Radio, too!

To listen live every Wednesday at 7:00 pm simply click here! 

Betty and Doris_Ties_4_22_2015

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A New Bloom

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. Robert Louis Stevenson

Plant 12

Plants on the patio

I have never considered myself to have a green thumb and until recently, quite frankly, always found gardening a little boring.  (Well, not as boring as fishing, but that is for another conversation!)  However, over the past year, I have acquired a few plants and have become fascinated by their growth, their response to water and their placement to the  sun.  It has been interesting to move the plants from one area to another, watching them respond with spurts of growth.  Heck, I’ve even gotten my hands dirty and re-potted a couple of plants.  Talk about going out on a limb! (No pun intended!)

Plant 6

Lovely yellow and green leaf plant

I wouldn’t say that I know all the names of the different plants, but I do know from studying Latin that green plants are called Viridiplantae.  Some of the plants sit outside on the patio and some sit inside around the house.  Just in the last few weeks, I moved a beautiful yellow and green leaf pant  from the shady side of the porch to the sunning side and immediately, the plant grew about 5 inches.    I have found this process amazing to watch and glad that I have found a new Saturday routine to follow.

I water the plants every Saturday morning and look forward in anticipation to my time with the plants.  Back and forth from the faucet, adding a little plant food to the water, ensuring that the water is not too hot for the plants.   Funny how caring for the plants sounds a little like Caregiving to me!

image (6)

Our favorite breakfast stomping ground in Lighthouse Point, FL.

What is interesting about the Saturday routine with watering the plants is that Richard and I had a routine every Saturday were we would go to breakfast and spend the morning together.  On Friday night we would talk about where we wanted to go for breakfast the next morning; we would plan elaborate trips to Miami or to Palm Beach, but more times that not, we always went to our old favorite restaurant in the neighborhood for our bagel and nova sandwich.   My good friend Denise Brown from pointed out to me the other day about the symbolism of exchanging one routine for another.   I had to chuckle at myself and whole-heartily agreed with Denise.  The exchange of one routine for another, while innocuous at first, has true meaning  and is symbolic of the love, care and commitment that Richard and I shared for each other.


April 2014

Sure, I check in on the plants during the week to make sure that they are all in good health and prospering.  Yet I was taken back by one special plant today which started my foray into horticulture.  At Richard’s celebration of life last April, my sibling sent me a plant in his memory.  Over the past year, the plant has lost its beautiful blooms. Until this morning when I noticed two new bloom!  I was overcome with joy!

There were times during the past year that I thought the plant was not going to make it.  Yet somehow it bloomed again.  Come to think about it, there have been times over the past year when I did not think I was going to make it.  While the sleepless nights have dissipated, the crying spells have subsided,  the missing of him sitting next to me has never gone away.


April 2015

 Over the past year, I have read quite a bit about the different theories on the grief process. One theory said 30 seconds of grief is all you need; of course, there is the traditional 3, 6, 12 month theory for grief. From my experience, I really don’t think one particular theory on grief works.   Grief is so personal and so real, and so different for each one of us. Yet there is one theory that I do think applies to each one of us. Like plants that need to be watered in order to regain its bloom, we too, in our grief process, need to be watered so that we can bloom again.  There is no time-table for a new bloom, but without the proper nurturing and care, our soil does become dry and whither away.

 The symbolism of this new bloom comes exactly one year to the day when our Caregiving story, In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey was published in the Sun-Sentinel. I beamed a big smile of joy for the new bloom today because I was reminded how important it is stay the course and…to be watered.   And I shed a tear of joy knowing that this new bloom is Richard’s way of telling me that he is at peace and right beside me.

I think I will keep this plant for quite a long time, because I just don’t water the plant, the plant waters me, too!

Chris MacLellan is the Host of Healing Ties Radio which can be heard on

Health Cafe Live, iHeart Radio and UK Health Radio.




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Eliminating Limited Beliefs On Aging: Your Second Fifty!

 Eliminating Limiting Beliefs On Aging!

Join us on Wednesday, March 25th at 7 pm EST on as we welcome author, film producer and public speaker, Frank Moffatt to Healing Ties Radio. Frank is an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and founder of the educational community, “Your Second Fifty”  – dedicated to holistically improving the lives of people in their second fifty.   From his #1 International Best Seller – Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Myths of Aging! To his documentary of the same name, Frank is relentless when it comes to assisting those in their second fifty, live their remaining years positively, productively, happy and healthy.

 Listen in and learn how Frank Moffatt is creating Healing Ties all around us!

To listen live at 7:00 pm (EST) simply click here!  to access our show on Health Cafe

Not available to listen live?  NO WORRIES!!!  Healing Ties is available ON DEMAND on our iHeart Channel by clicking here! 


 Interested in being a guest on the show…Advertising packages? Contact me direct at



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Gail Gibson Hunt from the National Alliance for Caregiving on Healing Ties Radio


Join us on Wednesday, February  25th at 7 pm EST on as we welcome the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Alliance for Caregiving, Gail Gibson Hunt, to our show. Established in 1996, the National Alliance for Caregiving is a non-profit coalition of      national organizations focused on improving the lives of family caregivers. As Caregivers, we are often faced with the task of managing our Caree’s health during a variety of stages. But what about managing the Caregivers health and well-being?  Recognized as a national expert on family  caregiving and long-term care,  Gail has a keen understanding of the issues Caregivers and their Caree’s face on a daily basis.  Listen in and learn how Gail and the entire staff at the     National Alliance for Caregiving are creating “Healing Ties” all around us!

 To listen live at 7:00 pm (est) simply click here!

Not available to listen live?  NO WORRIES!  All of our episodes of Healing Ties are available on demand at our iHeart Radio Channel by clicking  here!





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After The Hospital…What’s Next?

Join us on Wednesday, February  11th at 7 pm EST on as we welcome    Erica Jones from Southern Health Care Management, LLC.  Erica is the Regional Director of  Admissions for Southern Health Care Management, LLC and Erica just happens to know a thing or two about Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing!  Erica understands the process from the clients perspective, and knows what questions to ask from hospital discharge to rehabilitation to placement.  As Caregivers, we are always looking for trusted resources to help us make sound decisions; Erica Jones is one of those trusted  resources!  Listen in and learn how Erica is creating “Healing Ties” all around us!

To Listen live on Wednesday at 7:00 pm (est), simply click here! 

Busy tonight, cannot listen live?  NO WORRIES!  Healing Ties is available on demand on our Healing Ties iHeart Channel by clicking here! 




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52 Years And Still Going Strong!

Join us on Wednesday January 14th  at 7 pm EST on for an enlightening  conversation with Bob Collier and Chuck Hunziker.  What is so special about Bob and Chuck…EVERYTHING!  Bob and Chuck are both veterans, pillars in their community and they just happen to be a couple celebrating 52 years together!  Both in their 80’s, Bob and Chuck, never meant to be activists or plaintiffs in a lawsuit that would change Florida law, they just   happen to be two people who want the world to be a better place for all of us to live. This is a couple who is creating ‘Healing Ties’ all around us!

Can’t listen live on Wednesday?  NO Worries!  Healing Ties radio is available on demand on iHeartRadio/HealingTies by clicking here!




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It Is All About Family

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.  Michael J. Fox

Healing Ties Radio show kicks off our first show of the year on Wednesday evening with a conversation about Family.  We will visit with all five of my siblings and their spouses and we talk about parenting, grand kids and most importantly, bonds that we create and show with our family and friends, especially as we age.  We will be debuting our new feature, ‘The Motivational Minute with Judy Ryan from Life Work Systems and of course, our Healing Ties Juke Box will be playing a special tune half way through the show!

To listen to the show live at 7:00 pm on Health Cafe LIVE, simply click here! 

Cannot listen live? NO WORRIES…All of our shows are available ON DEMAND on our Healing Ties iHeart Channel by simply clicking here! 






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