How Daily Activities Affect the Holistic Health of Seniors

Routine keeps a person motivated and active. Your daily activities change and evolve as you go through life, moving from the structured schedule of school to the predictable rhythm of adult working life. Once you retire, you might suddenly find yourself with all the time in the world but nothing to do with it. That’s why it’s important for people to maintain a schedule after leaving the workforce, especially as you enter old age. Not only will it help stave off boredom and listlessness, but it will also have a positive effect on your overall health.

It all comes down to caring for yourself from a holistic viewpoint. Some people might have doubts when they hear about holistic care, but we aren’t talking about herbal remedies or other kinds of alternative medicine. When you look at health through a holistic lens, you look at how all parts of life affect wellness. We have seen firsthand how a busy social calendar and vibrant community can benefit our residents, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few of the ways daily activities can help the health of seniors.

Maintain Mental Faculties

One of the biggest concerns for seniors is maintaining mental capabilities. Even if you aren’t dealing with an illness like Alzheimer’s or dementia, advanced age can cause a decline in a person’s cognitive function. Daily activities give you an opportunity to exercise your grey matter by challenging yourself and learning new skills. Frequent social interaction through activities also helps keep the mind sharp, giving you the opportunity to interact and engage with the world.

For those who are managing a cognitive impairment, a regular schedule of activities can help maintain the predictability and stability that helps keep you planted in the present. Even if you may not be aware of the schedule from day-to-day, going through a daily routine can unconsciously help keep a person grounded. By participating in regular daily activities, you can work to maintain your faculties and prevent the onset of cognitive disorders.

Lower Stress and Anxiety

While you may be concerned about your physical and mental health as you age, you should also be mindful of maintaining your emotional health. The loss of routine and schedule can leave some people feeling directionless. This is especially true for seniors who need daily assistance in their lives. When you’re dependent on another person to meet your usual needs, worrying that they won’t be met can become a frequent source of anxiety.

Daily activities can help reduce this kind of stress, providing a reliable schedule you can depend on. In addition to helping to reduce anxiety, regular daily activities can also help prevent depression from developing. When you’re socializing with friends on a regular schedule, you maintain positive bonds and relationships that leave you in a better mood.

Keep a Sense of Control and Security

Seniors that move into an assisted living community can sometimes feel they’ve lost control over their own lives. It can be a frustrating feeling, going from the freedom you’re used to in adulthood to having to depend on other people for your basic needs. That loss of control can also make you feel less secure in your life, not knowing or having an influence on what’s going to happen from one day to the next. Daily activities can make a huge difference in the level of control you have over your life, along with helping you to feel more secure in your choices for the future. By setting your own routine, you can maintain control over your life and feel comfortable with both your long- and short-term future.

Sleep More Soundly

If you’ve ever struggled with insomnia, you know your sleep schedule is incredibly delicate, able to be affected by the smallest changes. One of the things with the largest impact on your circadian rhythm is your daily schedule, helping your body naturally sense when it’s time to wake up and fall asleep. When your routine changes or you lose your routine entirely, your sleep schedule can likewise be thrown off.

Updating your schedule with a new set of daily activities can ensure you keep your rhythm in time, helping you get restful sleep reliably. In addition to your routine, feelings of isolation or loneliness can further lead to insomnia. With an active social calendar, you can maintain your friendships and sleep more soundly.

Improved Physical Health

Daily activities and socialization don’t just help with your emotional and mental wellbeing, they can help improve and maintain your physical health. Studies show that people with strong social connections can be more physically active, staying committed to fitness goals and exercising more frequently. With encouragement from a group of friends, people tend to take better care of themselves. Beyond that, your body also functions better when you’re out and about every day. Emotional wellness has an impact on physical health even if you’re not aware of it, leading to a stronger immune system, among other benefits.

It all goes back to the idea of taking care of yourself from a holistic point of view. If you maintain your emotional and mental health through a schedule of daily activities, you can see an improvement in your physical health as well. With all your health needs met, you can look forward to a longer and more enjoyable life.

It is our mission to provide the right level of care for each and every person in our communities. We’re firm believers in the holistic approach, providing not only the medical care our residents might need but also working hard to meet their mental and emotional needs as well. With our high-quality, modern residences, schedule of fun and engaging opportunities, and thriving social communities, we’re proud to offer an experience to you and your loved ones that is second to none.

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  1. It was really interesting when you mentioned that seniors often feel like they have lost control of their lives when they move into an assisted living facility. I would imagine that working on mental health would allow seniors to feel like they are in control of things. Managing mental health is important for helping the rest of your body feel good.


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