Whole Care Network Inc.

Consult, Collaborate, Renew! 

The Whole Care Network, Inc is being developed as a multi-media platform consisting of radio and video podcasts, individual and organizational training,  designed to bring expert information, referrals and products for family caregivers.




See below for a sampling of the Whole Care Network’s curriculum and presentations.


  1. Caregivers as Servant Leaders
    • Leadership training for the family Caregiver.
  2. The Caregiving Years (this presentation can be provided in one, two or three day seminars)
    • Objective is to create a perspective through the six stages of caregiving, that best helps you during your caregiving experience.
  3. Beginning After Caregiving Ends
    • Objective is learn how to refocus your life after caregiving ends.
  4. Working Family Caregivers and the Employer 
    • Objective is to learn how create culture change in the workplace

LGBT Cultural Competency  Training 

The LGBT Cultural Competency Caregiving Training is designed to focus on helping professionals understand the specific needs and fears that LGBT family caregivers face when accessing medical and professional services. While current trends in society is shifting to accept the LGBT Community, accessing medical and professional services who do not understand the specific needs of the LGBT caregiver is problematic for both the provider and the LGBT family caregiver.  This training will detail how Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann (1974) Spiral of Silence communication theory plays a critical role in why LGBT Caregivers have operated out of fear.  The Spiral of Silence theory suggested that when people feel like they are in the minority, they withhold information, or isolate themselves in fear of retribution. This study will demonstrate how and why LGBT Caregivers tend isolate themselves and not seek professional assistance for fear of discrimination.  This fits the pattern of the Noelle-Neumann’s Spiral of Silence theory. This training is designed for professionals who work with LGBT Caregivers in order to understand their specific needs of service and care in order to communicate effectively to gain the trust of their LGBT caregiver clients.


“In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey”

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize Award by the Sun-Sentinel and seen by over 400,000 people world-wide, Chris takes you inside the story to talk about Love, Care, Commitment and life after Caregiving.   If you have not seen the story, follow this link: http://interactive.sun-sentinel.com/lgbt-dying-couple/

“What’s On Your Bucket List? Caregiving?

Topics in this presentation include:

  • Suddenly A Caregiver
  • Navigating Caregiving
  • Two Relationships in One
  • Why A Care Team is important
  • Finding Your strength in the role of an advocate
  • What Role Does Mindset Play
  • Leaving Family Baggage At The Door

Spiral of Silence: Caregiving, Stress and its Impact In The Workplace

This presentation will take you through the work of Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann’s communication theory which suggests that when people fear separation or isolation around them and fear they are in the minority, they keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.   We will explore why it it important for family caregivers to share their story and how to do it in a many that is safe, proactive and real. (Chris’ Masters Degree Thesis in Leadership and Communication focuses on caregiving, workplace stress and its financial implications.)

“What’s The Deal With Caregiving?”

Topics in this presentation include: 

  • You have a PhD in Caregiving?
  • How Will Caregiving Change A Relationship?
  • What Is The Price of Caregiving?
  • How To Be A Healthy Caregiver
  • How Will Caregiving Impact Your Career
  • What Happens When Caregiving Ends

Contact Chris for further information on the Whole Care Network.   Presentations can be developed to meet the needs of your company. (we respect your privacy, your email will never be sold or used by another company or vendor) 

Christopher MacLellan, M.A., CCC, CCE is the author of “What’s The Deal with Caregiving?” and is affectionately known as “The Bow Tie Guy” in many caregiving circles.   Chris has over 10 years of personal caregiving experience and has been an ardent advocate for caregivers and their caree’s through hiswpid-wp-1448113432219.jpeg Caregiving blog, ThePurpleJacket.com and his weekly radio show, Healing Ties.   Faced with his partner’s diagnosis of esophageal  cancer in 2011, Chris started a caregiving blog entitled, “The Purple Jacket” and is an ardent advocate for caregivers and their carees through his blog and radio show, “Healing Ties”.  Chris and his deceased partner Bernard Richard Schiffer’s caregiving story, “In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey” was published by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in April 2014, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the Sun-Sentinel in January of 2015, and has been seen world-wide by over 400,000 people.   Chris’ Master’s Degree thesis entitled, “Spiral of Silence: Caregiving, Stress and its Impact in the Workplace” was accepted by the faculty at Gonzaga University, where Chris earned a Master’s degree in Leadership and Communication in 2016.  Chris is the founder of the Whole Care Network and the South Florida Caregiving Coalition. The author of “What’s The Deal With Caregiving?” Chris is a Certified Caregiving Consultant (CCC) and a Certified Caregiver Educator (CCE).   Chris brings a pragmatic approach to family Caregiving and is passionate about sharing his Caregiving story and presents regularly on a variety of topics that impact family caregivers and their employers.



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