What St. Patrick’s Day Means to Me












St. Patrick’s Day will always have a special place in my heart since it was the birthday of my close friend Richard Orlando.  If he were alive today, he would be celebrating his 88th birthday; boy…did this Italian hate having his birthday on St. Patrick’s Day …the more St. Patrick’s Day Birthday Cards he got, the more he complained…It was always in good fun.

I share these photos with you today signify what I feel life is all about.  The first picture at the Minolta Tower in Niagara Falls New York was taken in 1988, the first year that we met.  The last picture in the group was  taken in the fall of 2005 just four months before his passing into eternal life.   These two photo’s signify the beginning and the end with quite a number of good memories in-between.

During our 18 years of friendship, we traveled, we argued, we had fun, we had many serious conversations, yet somehow we made a friendship work that spanned different cities, different professions, and different generations.

Photo’s say quite a bit…without uttering a word!    17 years apart between these pictures, we see a change in looks, we see a change in health; yet we see two people who cared for each other in good times and in bad.   The person in the wheelchair was no different from the person standing next to me at the Minolta Tower.

Life is a transition…not a transaction.  It is an honor to be a care giver.

So when I think of St. Patrick’s Day, I think of the Italian who has moved on to greener pastures, missing  him as I still do, yet proud and honored to be a part of his happy transition.   Ego Amo Ti

All my best!



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