Chemotherapy – Radiation and the noise at the door

This week we are in the mist of developing a treatment plan with the chemotherapy nurse and the radiologist.  While the treatment plan looks manageable, there is a good lesson to learn as to why advocates and healthcare proxies are needed.

We are at the mercy of the insurance companies who have to approve the drugs for treatments, yet patients and caregivers can control the referrals to the specialist. Case in point: The ‘little one’ received his referral to two specialist, yet the two specialist were in two different cities, at least 15 miles apart.  The inconvenience of the travel, not to mention the price of gas and the emotional drain chemotherapy and radiation takes on the body is enormous. Be mindful that while we may not be able to control the time line of  insurance companies and HMO’s,  we can control referrals to specialist.  Take an active role in your health care decisions, as a patient you have a right to decide where you want to go and who you want to attend to your medical needs.  While you do not want to give up

   Medicine is a science; while there are many knowledgeable and wonderful people in the medical profession, take an active role in your care…you will be healthier for it!


To add to the calamity this evening, someone attempted to break into the house this evening in Florida; why…WHY can‘t we respect each others property as our own  rather than wanting someones property for our own?  Luckily no one was hurt, yet the trauma and cost to repair is overwhelming…Now…another insurance company to deal with!  We will move on with our head held high, there is no stopping us now!


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