Hello, This is the Doctor’s office…

Anyone who knows this ‘Mutt and Jeff’ combination called Chris and Richard, know that one of us is blessed with patience, the other…while he does have a halo, can be just a tad short on patience at times…Today, rightly so!

For the past ten days, we have been awaiting word from the Chemotherapy office on confirmation on our appointment for next week.   When I left the house on Tuesday morning, we agreed that if we did not hear from the Chemotherapy doctor today, we would call to inquire about the date for the  appointment for next week.   We sure did hear from them today as the conversation started out like this…’You missed your appointment today.’

Of course, they laid blame to us stating…”we called you and left a message”…’funny’ how people still use that line when everyone now has caller I.D.   ‘Funny” how both the radiologist and the chemo-therapist, (who have been coordinating the treatments from the beginning) can’t seem to be on the same page with scheduling treatments.   I understand that these jobs can be daunting, yet to lay blame and to upset the patient shows a lack of  respect due to the individual who is dealing with the illness.While it is not Christmas, every patient should be treated like it is Christmas…with kindness, with understanding, with warm greetings.   Today’s call was quite upsetting to ‘The Little One’…It is his body, it is his mind, and it is his life To be berated over the phone for a ‘missed appointment’ when there was clear confirmation that both treatments would be stating the week of the 29th, is  unprofessional.  ‘Can you come tomorrow’ she said…’we’ll just fire up our corporate jet”, he said. She was clearly out of touch; it through him into a whirlwind of anger, frustration and contemplation.   Emotions that he did not need at this time, as the past few days have been difficult for him.

The role of an advocate is to intercede and intercept these types of conversations so that the patient can focus on getting better.  This one slipped through our hands today, now all communication will be handled  through the advocate, the partner, and the friend.  No office staff will have the opportunity to be insulting to this patient ever again.

May our hills be light and a gentle breeze always be at our back…

It is an HONOR to be an advocate…


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3 responses to “Hello, This is the Doctor’s office…

  1. Ed Keating

    How utterly frustrating for both of you. Sometimes these front office folks forget that it’s more than just a job, that they are dealing with people in fragile stages of their lives. Don’t hesitate to let your doctors know about this. Also, the hospital I worked for up in Boston had a Patient Care Center that sometimes acted as a helpful resource to help navigate these kind of things. Maybe your hospital has something like that.


    • Thanks, Ed. We are planning on letting the Doctor know about this type of communication; if it has happened to us, I am sure that it has happened to another patient. One of the best hospitals in Broward County is Imperial Point Medical Center; if memory serves me correct they do offer an ombudsman.

      Peace to you, too!


  2. pamela

    the doctor personally needs to be made aware and i somehow trust that you will “handle” this with true grace and professionalism 🙂 i got your back! XOXOXO


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