I’m radioactive!

The phone rang and he said….”I’m radioactive” …I said to myself…”I’ve seen you go nuclear a number of times!”

The first two days are in the books and we are quite pleased at how ‘The Little One’ has reacted to the radiation and the chemotherapy. As he said to the chemo-therapist today…” I don’t care what you put into my body as long as it is going to help me beat this cancer.” This is the prefect attitude that we need in order to achieve our goals and beat this disease! As we continue to move forward, we are taking it one day at a time. Funny that he had a ferocious appetite tonight, something that has been missing for quite some time.

The nurses who work in the Chemotherapy office are to be commended for their care and their attitude. So many difficult cases to attend to on a daily basis, yet they are the on the front lines providing hope, dreams and the reality to all of their patients. We have the utmost respect for the nurses; they comfort, they care, and they become attached…nursing is a particular calling; we are regretful for their kindness and help. During our three hour treatment today, we were informed that ‘The Little One’ is receiving a mild form of Chemotherapy; we are thankful for that news because one never knows what the reaction will be to these treatments. May the good news continue to flow and may there be a gentle breeze at our backs.


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3 responses to “I’m radioactive!

  1. Helen Ferreri

    Hi Guys,

    Glad to hear things are going as smoothly as can be expected under the circumstances. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



  2. Robert J Blattner

    I am so glad that each day seems to be going better for our dear Richard and you. Blessings to both of you. I am glad I finally figured out how to get to the purple jacket!!!!


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