“Not Dead Yet” from Monty Python Spamalot

As we were enjoying breakfast this morning, I asked ‘The Little One’ how he was feeling…he uttered…”I am feeling a little stronger; I’m not dead yet!” Of course, we both broke into laughter as we knew we were referring to the song “Not Dead Yet” in ‘Spamalot.

If you are a fan of Monty Python, you know that their off-color humor usually hits a nerve, yet where would be without a little laughter in our lives? While cancer is a serious illness with far-reaching implications, humor, when used correctly, can lighten the burden of a stressful experience. The song ‘Not Dead Yet’ has wonderful lyrics and when seen live and in person on stage, you grasp the total meaning of the play on words.

Now that The Little One has been out of the hospital for a few days, he is starting to regain this strength; he is starting to feel a little better!  As the song goes… ‘I feel happy, I feel happy…I’m not dead yet…I can dance and I can sing…I am not dead yet…I can do the Highland Fling!

When The Little On realized what he had said this morning, it changed his whole perspective to the start of the day. I can only imagine how difficult this has been for him going solo for the first month of his treatments.

Today, there is a beautiful Florida sunshine outside, let there be sunshine and laughter on the inside! We carried this theme with us all day-to-day as we’ve traveled to  radiology and now to the urologist.

Laughter is the antidote to fear; why not live in laughter even, in these difficult days?


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2 responses to ““Not Dead Yet” from Monty Python Spamalot

  1. sportsattitudes

    Agreed. I try to make both myself and my wife laugh as much as possible each day. Great power in humor and I try to exert it always.


  2. Truly it was laughter that helped my darling beloved Aileen to survive longer. And it has helped me all of my life. Many people find my humor a bit odd… like when I tell people that the only bad thing about being dead is that you don’t know you are… 🙂 But in reality, laughter is, to me, a kind of way of relating to one’s own heart and soul… in joy…

    be well always…



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