So…you want to go dancing?

As we move into the celebration of Thanksgiving, we have plenty of things to be thankful for.

‘The Little One’s’ marked improvement over the past four weeks is gratifying; we are cautiously optimistic as we look ahead to the follow-up PET scan the first week of December. While we understand the reality of cancer, we penetrate the disease with love and affection.

When we started this journey in late August, it has ended up being quite a learning experience for both of us. Being separated during the first four weeks of treatments was probably the most difficult part, yet these last six weeks has truly been remarkable. We have gone from a man who could barely stay awake for the entire day, to a man who is up and around on a daily basis enjoying so many of the things that he loves to do, including bossing me around. (Don’t let him know that I let him get away with it!)

For those who have been reading my blog, you know that we like to inject as much humor into our care giving experience as possible. One of the ‘funny’ lines we have been using since day one has been…’Are you ready to go dancing?’ I started asking that question to ‘The Little One’ when I arrived in Florida after ‘The Little One” was admitted to the hospital. We’ve used that question to gauge how he is feeling. It does get a little tired asking someone on a daily basis…’So, How are you feeling’…well…uh…’I feel like s__t, I’ve got cancer’ would be the typical answer. So we changed it up…’Are you ready to go dancing’…’no, not yet but getting closer.’ The funny thing about this question is that we both hate to dance! That is what makes this so much fun. (Two men dancing is weird anyway, no matter what side of the fence you’re on)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the time spent together because each day is like extended play. All too often in our busy schedules, we lose focus on our own realty and human frailty. What is here today, can be gone tomorrow.

Take time to ask your loved on to dance… It’s just as meaningful as telling them that you love them!

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  1. sportsattitudes

    Great thoughts as the Holiday approaches, but really a lesson for all days. My wife and I have “code phrases” that have actual meanings far removed from the words utilized. It is another way of showing the depth of our feelings for each other. Laughter goes a long way in maintaining a healthy outlook…and life.


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