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Geriatric Care Managers are trained professionals who can provide resources, support and help create a care plan that will maximize the independence of the care recipient and help with all aspects of the caregiving process.  The following are helpful tips to use when deciding on which Geriatric Care Manager to use.

  1. What services are provided?           
  2. Is routine monitoring an option, and if so, how frequently and at what cost? 
  3. What is their Code of Ethics? 
  4. What professional organizations do they belong to? 
  5. What is the professional accreditation of the organization? 
  6. What other professionals are available to assist and support? 
  7. How do they supervise and monitor the quality of services recommended or provided? 
  8. Are you comfortable with the care manager and feel that you could trust them with sensitive and confidential information? 
  9. Is there a waiting period before beginning services? 
  10. Is 24-hour assistance available? 
  11. What is considered to be a crisis…

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  1. I really enjoyed your dedication and your love
    Here in Brazil I perform the same work
    good luck


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