PET Scan… Day One


Our drive to Florida was uneventful; today all the events begin.

“The Lit20111212-095007.jpgtle One” is now in enduring his second PET scan which will take just about an hour and a half to complete. As we left the house today (sunny and 80 degrees in Florida…what were we thinking four years ago!) we talked openly about the events of this week and how we will go through this process together.

I am amazed at how brave he is as he goes through these tests. For someone who claims to be non-spiritual, he is grounded in his thoughts and accepting in his realty. There is a calmness in him that is truly remarkable: I am honored to be a part of this process.


Being in a ‘mixed’ relationship (Jewish /catholic) which also happens to be inter-generational (May to December) poses for a lot of interesting experiences and conversations. Yet in all my years of seminary training and ministerial experiences, I have never come across someone like ‘The Little One’ who has dealt with his health calamities like he has.

There are no lamentations, no blame; just an acceptance of the reality of life. For someone like me who has a bad habit of worrying about things that I can’t control, his sense of spirituality has been a lesson that no seminary was able to teach me.

At the end of this week, we will have a better understanding of where this chapter in our lives is leading us. We can’t control the results and you know, that’s OK because the best way to deal with the results is with a clear sense of reality. The serenity prayer comes to mind!

Life is meant to be lived; don’t let love and commitment pass you by, no matter what shape or form it is in.
When there is love, there is a sense of spirituality that is not defined by religious beliefs or society norms. It’s just two people, who’s roads collided to be as one.

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