It is an honor to be quoted in another caregiving blog….

Conscious Departures

When you are entrusted with the care of another human being, it is the greatest honor that can be bestowed on yourself.”  Chris MacLellan

This was a sentence I read in Chris’ blogsite The Purple Jacket, a site in part focused on caregiving. When I read that I had to smile because although I don’t know his personal experience, that sentence resonated so deeply with me. Caregiving was an experience that I found magical and took me by storm.

After K passed away, the one word that kept going through my mind was “kindness”.  Kindness for two reasons; one for the kindness I observed in the dying process. It was so gentle and caring I couldn’t help marvel at how perfectly it was designed. Secondly, for the kindness that was automatically and magically imbued into my own being, filling my actions and consciousness.

If someone would have described to…

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  1. sportsattitudes

    Indeed, it is! Congrats, Chris!


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