The Right Policy

Say your elderly parents live a few states away.  They’re perfectly safe and happy as a rule, but mom’s been feeling a little off lately, extra tired, a bit achy, just not quite right.  You can hear it in her voice when you call.  Dad’s worried but not sure what to do next.  He knows it’s a hassle to get a doctor’s appointment.  In fact, it takes an average of 21 days just to see a doctor unless it’s a dire meet-you-at-the-emergency-department type of situation.  So he doesn’t make any attempts to schedule a visit.

You work full-time, of course, but manage a few days off to get down to see them and find out what’s what.  You know your mom: if she’s admitting not feeling well, if she’s actually complaining out loud, something is definitely wrong.  And you want to go with her when she sees her primary…

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  1. What a timely post… On the heels of traveling to care for my grandmother! Thanks!


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