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“That which is creative and compassionate GROWS. That which is destructive is always deteriorating.”~Edgar Cayce

Humans all behave in sometimes incomprehensible ways. Some seem to always climb to the top, always engaged in constructive behavior, moving mountains and extending a gracious hand. Others idle in a wake of destructiveness, never seeming to grow and always remaining stagnant or complacent in their own despondence. The sphere of behavior contains us all. We all travel here.

Everyone knows of the “bad habits” that one can “fall into.” Although, what is referred to as a bad habit may not be looked upon the same by others. Some look at smoking as a bad habit, others thoroughly enjoy smoking. Procrastination and avoidance can be looked at through the same eyes.

Some of the worst of human behavior comes in the forms of greed, anger and selfish desire. These plague the heart and soul, thus…

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