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Neglect – the most pathetic state a human being can ever have! Undoubtedly, wherever the surrounding is, nothing sustains beyond a simple action called care and love, which could get replaced. Old age is the state of surpassing or a Trans from the life to death. Nowadays out of the surge of modernization old people are literally getting crushed and neglected in every walk of life.



Old-age House, Bynakuppa, Coorge, Karnataka – 2012

An Oldage rehabilator @Bynakuppa Oldage home,Years back she was a model and an Actress, decided to leave the home beacause of the vulnarable harrasment from her family memebers

( Backdrop : Her old snaps and her son’s pictures ).


‘Back to Youth ‘, Two soul mates at Bynakuppa Old-age Home
, Coorge, Karnatka, 2012


A fond Knowledge Seeker in an Oldage Home, Bynakuppa, Coorge, Karnataka – 2012, Detailed article about this person Click here…


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