Please…’Know The Sphere’… You will enjoy it immensely!


Many men often come to a point in life where they are begged to learn or unlearn. This point is the precipice of a denouement of sorts; of a becoming or of a realization. When we come to this point, we either accept or deny the truth that we find. This is the sphere of crossroads.

When any human being is confronted and forced to review their personal dogma, many things happen. No man welcomes this review. Though some accept it, this review is often unwelcome as it is too personal an issue to be disregarded. This is especially true when regarding spiritual dogma. If the tenet of belief is challenged, one will find any phrase or quotation to prove his point. Most often this is done in denial, when a simple truth has been brought forward.

When confronted with a spiritual or dogmatic crossroads, a man first holds fast…

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