Breathtaking thoughts on Thanks-Caregiving! As always, great piece of writing, Ira!

Conscious Departures

The true story about the start of Thanksgiving is a contentious one and unbearably fuzzy when researched. Food does appear to play a role in it, but that enchanting scene of Native Americans and settlers sharing a turkey around a large rustic dining table may only be a fabrication. Still, I think it’s an incredible idea to have a holiday dedicated to giving thanks. What the heck, right? If we are going to have a holiday, why not have at least one devoted to remembering all the things we can be thankful for? And while we’re at it, lets spend that time with the people we care about and have a feast.

I have to admit that I find taking only one day out of the year for a thankfulness celebration a bit thin, but I’ll take it. And, it’s my opinion that we don’t really need a questionable story as an excuse; …

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