As an outward expression of my values, I have joined SunServe’s team of walkers for the 2013 Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival.   Once again, SunServe has the honor of being a beneficiary of Florida AIDS Walk,.  Please consider sponsoring me which means any money I raise through ‘The Purple Jacket’ goes directly to SunServe Social Services .    

 It will be one year in May when ‘The Purple Jacket and ‘The Bow-Tie-Guy  joined SunServe as the coördinator of Senior Services  and what an exciting trip it has been. Along with a wonderful board and staff, and great volunteers, the staff at SunServe has built a solid, well-recognized and respected social services agency providing needed services to the LGBTQ community. 
SunServe’s Programs–along with our Senior Center and Mental Health Services, we have started Senior Services aimed at keeping our seniors independent and in their homes as long as possible. We have started HIV housing case management and have opened “The Rainbow Room”, a drop in center for LGBTQ youth. We continue to train on cultural competency and offer conferences on LGBTQ challenges in the community. SunServe –is fiscally strong. We have worked to diversify our revenue streams to keep the agency fiscally viable while increasing our fundraising strength, Our administrative overhead is still right around 8% for 2012, we are very proud that we have no debt and our 2012 audit will be available on our website very soon.

Your contribution is tax-deductible where allowed by law and all funds                                                                                            collected by our team go directly to SunServe’s programs! 

Please visit my Florida AIDS Walk page to make your donation by clicking  HERE

Thank You very kindly for your support!

I love that I have a career in which I can be dedicated to improving


the lives of youth, adults and seniors despite race, creed, sexual identity, socioeconomic status.  

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