Amitabha_Buddha-Large_size_picture_2“The Sage falls asleep not because he ought to, nor even because he wants to, but because he is sleepy.” ~Raymond M. Smullyan

We live in a busy world, with busy people using busy things. Sometimes in all of this “business of busyness” we forget to stop and remember where our feet are even planted, and where life has taken our feet.

Some find life to be a chore; a mundane routine of waking, eating, working and sleeping. From this perspective many can understand the toil that many people endure. Within this repetitive cycle we find vices and distractions, those things which keep the sanity in an otherwise fruitless endeavor of life. We make weekend plans, take vacations, start relationships, form addictions and take yoga classes. We distract from the life we live, then we die having never truly embraced its essence.

The sphere of spheres is everything, containing not…

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