Going For A Ride on Christmas Eve

 Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

 Holiday HugsOne of the many things that I have missed this holiday season is the rides TLO and  I took to see the beautiful Christmas lights up and down Ocean Drive in Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida.  Usually our drives were filled with lots of chatter, or gossip, depending  on your point of view.  Yet one thing that we did during these rides that I miss the most is simply holding hands.  There is so many ways to express love, yet there is nothing more basic, more real, than to hold hands.  That gentle touch which bringshands comfort in so many ways, is missing this holiday season.
Christmas eve was always our special night.  Whether our pocket books were flush or not, we always made that evening, our evening.  We would sit down and plan for weeks about what posh restaurant where we would make our reservation.  Yet no matter20111225-083458.jpg where we decided to have dinner on Christmas eve, we always made plans to end the evening with a drive down Ocean Drive to see the Christmas lights.  Of course a nice ice cream cone was in order too!
I have not taken a drive down Ocean Drive this holiday season.  Yet I think I am going to take that ride on Christmas eve as a way to remember…as a way to celebrate our life together, as a way to create my own Healing Ties, but most of all, I am going to take that ride just to be thankful  for having the experience of love and being loved.  Caregiving is over for us; but love endures forever and love does make the ride worthwhile.
To all who are grieving this holiday season, I wish you peace, comfort and lots of Holiday Hugs!


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20 responses to “Going For A Ride on Christmas Eve

  1. Dominic J Bisignano

    Dear Chris,

    Thank for your kind message of love, joy and happiness.

    Many hugs,



  2. sportsattitudes

    Chris, Enjoy that “ride” and best wishes for this Holiday season. God bless you and yours and take care, Bruce


  3. Thank you for sharing! You may not know how you touched “our” hearts, Loren


  4. As one of your followers, I always enjoy the stories about your times with TLO. I think your Christmas Eve dining and driving story is a beautiful one. And your comment about creating your own Healing Ties going forward is a poignant statement about carrying your memories with you while creating new ones. Beautiful.


  5. Beautifully written and such a testimony of the love you shared with Richard. Best to you this Christmas season, Chris!

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  6. h

    Hi Chris., So glad we spoke earlier. What a beautiful post ! As you know Richard always met with my mother while she was in Florida, but she always came home for the Holidays.Again best to you and yours. Harriet

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  7. Chris, Have a Merry (healing) and Joy filled Christmas.

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  8. Marcus king

    What a wonderful blog…I lost my partner of 16 years this summer and this Christmas has been difficult and different. Thanks for sharing…I am making new traditions.


  9. My heart jumps out of my bossom and goes out to you. May our God fill every gap in your life and heart.


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