What To Do After You Hear The Word Cancer!

Join us on Wednesday, February  4th at 7 pm EST on HealthCafeLive.com as we welcome noted author, professor, and public speaker, Dr.  Stan Goldberg to our show.  Author of seven books and numerous articles delivered around the world;  Dr. Goldberg has taught, provided therapy, and    researched in the areas of learning, change, loss and end of life issues for over 25 years.   When you hear the word ’Cancer’ what do you do, how do you react?  Our nature is to help, but sometimes we do not know how to ask to help.  As a Cancer survivor himself, Dr. Goldberg has a keen perspective on how to transform compassion into skillful behaviors. Listen in and learn how Dr. Stan Goldberg is creating ‘Healing Ties’ all around us!

 To listen live at 7:00 pm on Health Cafe Live.com simply click here! 

Cannot listen live?  NO Worries!!!  Healing Ties is available on demand at iHeart Radio by clicking here! 



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