Safe and Clean In Your Home on Healing Ties Radio

Join us on Wednesday May 6th on Health Cafe LIVE​ at 7:00 pm (EDT) as we visit with Robert G from HandyPro and Matt Paxton from Clutter Cleaner. Robert and Matt focus on keeping loved ones safe in their homes by the means of improving their environment for safe living. After Matt cleans the clutter, removes the dangerous hazards, Robert G from Handy Pro comes in, repairs and modifies the home to be age friendly. What a dynamic duo and they are quite a bit of fun, too! You might know Matt from A&E Emmy nominated show HOARDERS. Tune in and learn how Robert G and Matt Paxton are creating Healing Ties all around us! Cannot listen live? NO Worries!!! Health Ties Radio from The Bow Tie Guy​ is available on demand on iHeart Radio

To listen live on Health Cafe simply click here! 
Robert G_ Matt_Paxton_Healing_Ties_5_6_2015



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