Making Life Happen

Learning never exhausts the mind. Leonardo da Vinci

The road to Spokane finds us in Washington, D.C. this week attending the American Society on Aging National Conference; it’s been quite wonderful expeience!


I have to thank my good friends at the National Alliance For Caregiving for inviting me to participate in this event.

Amazing that one of the presentations I attended on Monday spoke directly about the effects of caregiving on employers and caregiving employees.  SPLENDID!  Goodness did I pick up quite a bit of great information on this topic as I finish my thesis. 

I’ve had the opportunity to connect with good friends like Amy Goyer from AARP…


…and Tami Neumann and Cathy Braxton from Silver Dawn Communities. 


Meeting Tami (left) has been extra special as we’ve been social media friends from years and have been on each other’s radio show a couple of times.  Tami is awesome, as is here business partner Cathy!

As I move through the massive amount of information here at the conference, I am reminded of the importance that life is about life long learning and that in the end, making life happen is just as important too.  Crawling out of my shell after Caregiving has ended, is the best medicine one can buy!

Chris MacLellan is the author of What’s The Deal With Caregiving? and the host of Healing Ties Radio program.


The road to Spokane is my virtual tour leading up to graduation from Gonzaga University

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