4 Ways Your Patients Will Love You More

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4 Ways Your Patients will Love You More

It is not only a nurse’s responsibility to wear a smile and treat patients with a positive attitude, but doctors also play a significant role in keeping their patients contented with their services. It hardly takes 16 seconds for a physician to understand patient’s condition, but in those 16 seconds a nice, first impression is also needed to make patients love you along with your skills.

Many hospitals are filled with doctors these days who only attend patients to diagnose their illness and vanish right away without exchanging a healthy conversation with them. This condescending attitude of doctors only pulls patients out of their comfort zone, which is why a happy, interactive doctor is the first step towards a happy, healthy patient. Following are some of the basic things that you as a medic can adopt to make your patients love you.

  • Be a Doctor, Not a Businessman

Of course, it is your profession, and you earn from it, but it does not mean you start treating your patients only as a source of income or business work rather than human beings who need help. Even if you are dealing your work as a mere job, take it that your patients are like your business clients whom you have to make happy no matter what. The only thing that builds a business better than any other is through healthy relationship, which is why a doctor has to stop being indifferent and start caring for their patients.

Walk in the room with a big smile on your face and be impressive. Rather than engaging them with your astonishing knowledge and appearance, try making them comfortable by asking questions about their life; learn about their name, hobbies, family, and daily routine. Most importantly, try to remember their face by name, so the next time you meet them, it would be easier for you to greet them by their name.

  • Build a Strong Relationship

A doctor-patient relationship does not breach outside the hospital. Since a patient recognises you outside your professional hours in a market or a bar, a doctor should also be able to identify patients by their name with a warm and welcoming attitude. Like your favourite clothing brand store keeps you updated about the deals you like or informs you about any post of your favourite sports that might interest you, a doctor should also keep a check on their patients’ hobbies. It will only consume a little fraction of your time – you can as well ask your assistance to run through your patients’ information and learn about their hobbies. Providing patients with thank you cards for recommending other patients, calling them to ask about their health after few days, and welcoming them with a cup of coffee are few things that can build a heartening bridge of relation between you and your patients.

  • Keep them Informed

Treating a patient is your foremost duty, and keeping them informed about their changing health also comes under this job. If they are coming to you, it reflects their trust in you as a doctor and your helpful office. This is why keeping your patients update on their progress including the bills they are paying is important. For this task, you do not need to hire an accountant rather it can be easily done by just implementing Medisoft medical billing software to your system, to take care of all your patient account history so that you can inform them where they spent their money and for what purpose. Medisoft technical support also helps fostering a strong bond between doctor and patient. So the next time a patient comes to you, he will not cut short or ask twice before investing money in your services.

  • A Tip For Free

There are doctors around the world who charge extra when a patient asks for suggestions other than their current sickness. This behaviour only holds back patients from opening up and sharing their thoughts with the doctor. To eliminate this habit, a consultant needs to listen to his patients carefully and give them suggestions regarding their health even if it does not relate to their present condition. Being kind towards your patients will create a soft spot in their hearts, which will not only keep them coming back to you but will also diminish the fence of shyness between you two.

Make sure to let your patients know that you understand them wholeheartedly. Give them advice regarding a healthy diet or other healthy activities that can keep them in shape. Mail them any interesting article or piece of information you come across regarding their health to boost their trust on you. Treat your patients, staff, and everyone with care and you’ll be their favorite person in no time.

Author Bio:

Andrea Bell is freelance writer by day and sports fan by night.  Andrea writes about tech education and health related issues (but not at the same time). Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover. Find Andrea  on twitter @IM_AndreaBell.

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