Holiday Blog Party with

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. Hubert H. Humphrey

For those of you who have read my blog since its inception, you’ll know that I always like to start a new blog post with a quote that (hopefully) matches the topic of the blog post.  As I think about this year’s Holiday Blog party with, I am reminded about all the wonderful friendships that I have acquired while being a caregiver for my decease partner Richard.  Many of these friendships have come about because of the great community of Caregivers at  Denise has created an extended family for all of us through this vast network of Caregivers.  This vast network of friendships was even more on display while attending the first national Caregiving Conference in Chicago last weekend.  What a terrific experience; what a terrific event!

If you are reading this post on my old faithful website, “The Purple Jacket”…great!!!  If you are finding this post on our new site “Whole Care Network”…that is great too!   I don’t think I will ever be able to turn off  The Purple Jacket website as this has been my blogging home for so many years.  Sure, technology changes, and I can migrate all my data and resources to our new site, Whole Care Network, but there is something about being home where our story began that brings comfort.   And we know that two things Caregivers need are validation and comfort.  I found my comfort in caregiving through writing and I found my validation in caregiving through our extended family at

Just like when caregiving ends, we are moving on to a new website called Whole Care Network in 2017.  While the Whole Care Network will have more technological capabilities, our Caregiving story will always be associated with The Purple Jacket and our extended family at   Feel free to leave a comment on The Purple Jacket or if you’re visiting on Whole Care Network site, use the comment section to the far right of the tab and I will be happy to receive your message.  I’m looking forward to this years Holiday Blog Party!

Happy Holiday Blog Party and a Happy Thanks Care-Giving!



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4 responses to “Holiday Blog Party with

  1. Hi Brother!!! I’m participating in the Holiday Blog Party. I wanted to come by and say how great it was to meet you at the National Caregiving Conference. It was good to finally meet you IRL.

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    • Hi Lillie…I thought I had replied to your wonderful message the other day, but I guess I did not hit the send button. Never a dull moment with technology!!!! It was great to meet you too and I look forward to more visits with you. You are Awesome!


  2. sologivingcare

    Chris!!!!! I am so excited for the changes to come for you and the Whole Care Network! Let’s talk soon! I am participating in the Holiday Blog Party as well. Stop by when you have a moment! ❤


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