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Care|Mind: Empowering Caregivers

Join us on Wednesday June 17th on Health Café Live.com at 7:00 pm as we visit with Dr. Oscar Rodriguez from Reassure Analytics, Inc.  It’s ‘funny’…with all the technology we have today, we know in an instant what a friend is having for lunch, yet we don’t have technology that can help caregivers take better care for their loved ones! Passionate about patient care, technology and education,  Dr. Rodriguez intends to bring all three together to help caregivers around the world care for their  loved ones with the development of their app called Care|Mind.   Listen in and learn how Dr. Rodriguez is creating Healing Ties all around us!

To listen live on Wednesday at 7:00 pm simply click here! 

Healing Ties Radio is on demand at iHeart Radio by clicking here!

Healing Ties is also available on UK Health Radio by clicking here! 





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