It’s all about you!

We are on our way to the final chemotherapy treatment; it is a good thing!

All told, ‘The Little One’ has improved quite a bit since my arrival in Florida two weeks ago. I am in no means taking credit for his improvement, yet I do have to wonder “how does anyone who is alone cope with cancer?”

Sure, there are a tremendous amount of resources out there to help; yet that is not the point. In time of a health crisis, that is when family is needed the most!

This makes me wonder about family dynamics, rather what constitutes a family?

I am proud of my family; my four diverse and beautiful sisters, my brother and favorite sister-in-law; all my nieces an nephews who affectionately call me their F.U. (favorite uncle); my little one who is so brave and courageous; our friends who have constantly checked in with us…

Thank you for being s part of our family… Thanks for not leaving us alone!

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