Meet Me In St Louie, Louie…

The ‘Little One’ heads to his final radiation treatment this morning. We are both thankful this chapter has come to an end. Yet in retrospect, there has been some bonding with the other patients who are scheduled at or around the same time.

Whether it is a gentle hello, a wave of the hand or just a simple jester, there is a bond with these patients that in undeniable. It has been an honer to be in their presence.

We will be motoring up the road today to St Louis. We are looking forward to the trip as a change of scenery will do the Little One some good!

Meet me in St Louie, St. Louie!


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2 responses to “Meet Me In St Louie, Louie…

  1. Jill

    Have a safe trip. You are always in my thoughts with love


  2. sportsattitudes

    Indeed, have a safe trip. Another chapter closes and a new one begins!


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