Caregivers…”Never Alone”

One of the many things that I have missed while being away from Fort Lauderdale for the past four years has been congregation at The Sunshine Cathedral .  While attending worship services this past Sunday, the senior Pastor  Reverend Durrell Watkins,  preached on a topic that really hit home for me: his sermon was entitled, “Never Alone”.

What I know is that prayer connects us to all the prayers of eternity and to all the people who have ever prayed and so the very act of prayer is a reminder that we are not alone, and if we are not facing the challenges of life alone, then hope, peace, and joy are always possible and that’s pretty miraculous.”   Reverend Durrell Watkins Sunday April 22, 2012.

While situations are different for each caregiver, we are all connected  because of the roles we take on as a  caregiver.  We share our hopes, our dreams and our well-wishes for one another because we know what it is like to be in the care giving trenches.   The great thing about prayer is that it holds no denominational boundaries, yet provides infinite  possibilities for each one of us to hold on too.   (My hunch is that we all share a common thread through prayer because we know what it is like to be alone.)

“I need to say right now that I believe that the infinite compassion that we call “God” is just that, pure, true, endless compassion. And such compassion would never wish us to suffer for any reason. Compassion means to suffer with. The Spirit of life wants to be expressed as joy and wholeness and when we cannot express life with joy and wholeness, then life suffers with us, wishing with us for relief, strength, and resolution.”  Reverend Durrell Watkins, Sunday April 22, 2012

As caregivers, we often “suffer with” the one we care for.  How many of you have said to yourself…’If I could only take away their pain’ or ‘If I could change places with them.”  Care giving is rooted in compassion, compassion is rooted in love and love is rooted in God’s infinite love for each of us…hence we are never alone.

When I walked into church on Sunday, I was feeling just a tad over burdened and alone…the stress of the move, getting settled in the house, looking for employment in Florida,  my upcoming certification test as a Certified Senior Advisor, ‘The Little One’s Health’  (which is excelling since our return to South Florida), new MA program at Gonzaga University in Leadership and Communication .  When I left Church on Sunday, I was reminded that I am ‘Never Alone’ and that we all walk together in faith, hope, compassion and love!  Thank You Reverend Durrell for your  words of wisdom and gentle reminder of the infinite compassion of God’s love that surrounds all of us in this beautiful world of ours!

Reverend Durrell Watkins is the senior pastor at The Sunshine Cathedral  and has a marvelous preaching style which is rooted in sound theological training and personal experience.  To enjoy more of Reverend Durrell’s words and the ministry of the Sunshine Cathedral, simply click on the following link to The Sunshine Cathedral. 

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