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Conscious Departures

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, I’ve taken quite a bit of time off to regroup, enjoy the holiday and make some great connections.  But I’m feeling more strongly than ever to get the word out to friends and acquaintances about being ahead of the curve on end-of-life and caregiving issues, so it’s time to get back to writing. It may not be practical for some to get too far ahead of the curve, but many people are surprised how quickly they get blindsided finding themselves as a caregiver or being cared for. Almost everyone I’ve spoken with over the holidays is gravitating towards or in the middle of some kind of family caregiving situation. In my own experience, even with adequate time to get well informed,  I still found myself with many seemingly small tasks that were far more worrisome than I anticipated.

One day it reached the point, in K’s cancer evolution, that she needed…

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