VRide for Caregivers Health: Update Week 3


Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.  Jim Davis 


Week 4 Weigh Inn
You’ll have to look close! 🙂

This past week in dieting has been a challenge, but I have learned plenty of good lessons this week,too.

  1. Schedule Time for your exercise 
  2. Adhere To Your Schedule
  3. Excuses are for whiner
  4. See # 1


While I make it a point to walk every day this week, I only got in 10 miles on the bike.  Why is that…Busy at work, busy at Caregiving, but too busy for myself 

Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos.com

Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos.com

So, since you can’t really see the scale…it is important for me to own up to it… I gained 1 lbs back this week.  Not to bad when you come to think about, but I come out of this week knowing that I have to make more time for myself.   If I am going to Be A Healthy Caregiver, I have to take care of myself too!

Luckily with the support of our #VRide team at Caregiving.com , I know that I can get back on track.

Speaking of our #VRide Team, did you see our first virtual visit today to one of our family caregivers.  Check out the  video of our #VRide moderated by Denise Brown at Caregiving.com.  You can seen the video by simply clicking here.  

Now that we’ve made it to our first stop, we are now planning our  second virtual  visit, we’ll be announcing that soon!  

Check out all our #VRide participants at Caregiving.com 

Continue to follow my progress here at ‘The Purple Jacket.”

We Might Have Cancer…


But Cancer Does Not Have US!

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