Thursday’s are always ‘Hug A Caregiver Day’

In 2014 commit yourself to Smile more; Laugh longer; Let Go of Stress! 

Caregiving can sometimes be hard,  but hugging a Caregiver is easy! 

Thursday’s are alwaysHug A Caregiver Day! 

There is an esteemed 60= Million Family Caregiver in the United States today, Find one and give them a Hug!



Christopher MacLellan, affectionately known as ‘The Bow Tie Guy,  is a family Caregiver and blogs about his Caregiving experience at ‘The Purple Jacket.’  Chris is also the coordinator of Senior Services for SunServe Social Services and the host of his new radio show’ Healing Ties,  starting in late January 2014.


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5 responses to “Thursday’s are always ‘Hug A Caregiver Day’

  1. sportsattitudes

    Chris, so glad to see you are still sharing your gift with the world. Just returned to the blogosphere recently and want to wish you and yours, especially TLO, all the best for 2014. You are an inspiration to so many, including myself. I look forward to being a frequent vistor and commenter once again. Best, Bruce B.


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