November 23 is Caring Selfie day with

Denise Brown has been a pioneer in the Caregiving industry for 20 years and operates one of the best, if not the best online Caregiving community,   When I started to blog about our Caregiving experience in April of 2011, I came across Denise and and found not only terrific information about how to deal with the challenges of Caregiving, I found an extended family of friends through Denise’s vast network of Caregivers.  Denise’s soothing style is infectious and puts one at ease, while gently challenging us when needed.

As a Caregiving expert and advocate, Denise has been coming up with innovative ways to support and bring attention to family Caregivers for two decades.  She has done it again with #caringselfie day on November 23!   So how can you get involved in #caringselfie day?  Simple!  Take a selfie and post it on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) on Monday, November 23. Use the hashtag #caringselfie. Be sure to include some of your caregiving story and explain that you’re sharing a selfie to put a face on caregiving.

Visit Denise at  to learn all of the great things she is doing to bring awareness to Caregivers everywhere. Along the way, you will also find an extended family of Caregivers who are there to support you 100% and a tremendous amount of resources that will help you along on your caregiving journey too.  We could not have gotten along without Denise and our extended family at!

So in honor of Denise’s commitment to Caregivers, I am sharing one of my most favorite photos with you for #caringselfie day!

Denise and TLO

Denise and Richard, Winter in Florida, 2013




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