The Caregiving Years: Through the Lens of an LGBT Caregiver

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey

Recently I obtained a certification from to present on the The Caregiving


Chris MacLellan and his deceased partner, Richard Schiffer. Chris became a full-time family caregiver after Richard’s diagnosis with Esophageal cancer in 2011.  Mr. Schiffer passed away in March of 2014. 

Years: Six Stages To A Meaningful Journey.   On Monday I will present The Caregiving Years at the Florida Council on Aging Conference in Orlando during my presentation on LGBT Caregiving: Is There a Difference?

The six stages of caregiving encompass from the Expectant caregiver to the Godspeed Caregiver and many different stages in between.  On Monday, I will present a preview of The Six Stages of Caregiving while demonstrating the similarities and differences LGBT Caregivers face on a daily basis.

Thanks to Colette Vallee from the Florida Council on Aging, I will be broadcasting live from the conference with special guest all throughout the three day conference.  Be sure to visit me on Spreaker for the podcasts.  Follow me on Twitter @thebowtieguy  with hashtags #fcoa1 and #fcoa2016.

I am available for Work Shops, Presentations, Panel Discussions: some of my curriculum includes…

  • Caregivers as Servant Leaders<>Leadership training for the family Caregiver.
  • The Caregiving Years <>Objective is to learn to create a perspective that best helps you during your caregiving experience
  • LGBT Caregiving: Is There A Difference? <> The Caregiving Years through the lens of an LGBT Caregiver
  • Beginning After Caregiving Ends<>Objective is to learn how to refocus your life after caregiving ends.
  • Spiral of Silence: Caregiving, Stress and its Impact in the Work Place.<>Objective is to learn the financial impact of Caregiving and create a positive workplace culture for family caregivers and employers/

CCC_CHRISShare your knowledge, become a Certified Caregiving Consultant and a Certified Caregiving Educator.

What’s The Deal with Caregiving available on Amazon. Ask Chris 3D1how you can brand “What’s The Deal with Caregiving” to your organization.

Contact Chris about being an upcoming guest on  “HealingTies” at


Join us in Chicago as an exhibitor for the 1st Annual National Caregiving Conference onNational Caregiving Conference (1) Saturday December 3rd contact me for details on this exciting event!

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    Hooray for you Chris. Looks like you’re on your way to your good. Good luck in all your efforts. Betty


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