Simple video wall solution transforms a hospital

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Simple video wall solution transforms a hospital

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The introduction of technology to institutions such as hospitals can completely transform the way things are done. A video wall is an electronic screen comprising of several LCD monitors, LEDs, TVs, or projectors that are fixed and installed together on a wall. A simple video wall solution can mitigate several problems that might be faced by a hospital.


Video walls can assist hospital administration by displaying signs to nurses, patients and visitors. This could include messages such as directions and maps of the hospital, paging calls for doctors and urgent messages for staff members. Information such as doctors who are absent, stand-in staff and waiting times could also be displayed to keep patients and visitors updated.

Although banners are regularly used for this purpose, video walls can contain more information and display messages with details. Video walls are also more prone to catching the attention of those walking by as the messages are not static.

Practical examples

Video walls can also be used by hospital administration to remind hospital staff about procedures and rules relating to patient treatment and care. Graphics and text explaining patient procedures can be displayed and easily changed for the various departments. Training videos and treatment guides will reduce the margins of error that a nurse can make during patient treatments and may prove invaluable in emergency instances where first-aid or other urgent services are required.

For instance, there have been several instances of patients falling in hospitals, particularly when hospital staff or nurses attempt to move a patient from operation theatre to general ward or from ambulance to the emergency room or from stretcher to bed. Such incidents of patient-fall have resulted significant injuries to already ill patients. This could be especially harmful and even fatal for patients who are older and already weak from severe illness. Video walls can thus help educate hospital staff about the preconditions for relocating patients from one space to another.

In addition to the benefits of administration and teaching, the hospital can also use the video walls for advertisement purposes. Pharmaceutical agencies, public health services and private companies can be offered paid advertising slots on video walls to generate an income stream for the hospital. Revenue gained from advertising can be invested into improving hospital facilities and acquiring new technology.


In a nutshell, video walls can be used to transform hospitals into well-managed healthcare facilities with state of the art technology and top-quality health care. It will assist the hospital administration in managing hospital affairs in a more sophisticated and disciplined manner. It can be used to remind staff about patient procedures and could even generate an extra income through advertising. HD displays can make hospital walls appear more colorful and improve the monotone aesthetics and clinical feel of the hospital environment while providing staff, patients and visitors with essential information.

Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling. Mia can be reached at Mia Clarke <>

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