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Chiropractic – NO Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Caregivers, think of all those times when lift your Caree, reach for something down on the floor and feel that gentle twinge in your neck and spine?  Well then join us on Wednesday May 20th on Health Café LIVE at 7:00 pm (EDT) as we visit with  Dr. Nevin Grushka.  Dr. Grushka is an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor focusing on the structure, function and bio-mechanics of the upper cervical spine.  To put it simply, when our head and spine are not in aliment, our entire body is out of whack!

On Wednesday’s show, we will visit with  Dr. Grushka about  the Atlas Orthogonal system and why there is no snap, crackle and pop to this important Chiropractic realignment procedure. You’ll feel better just by listening to the show!   Tune in and learn how Dr. Grushka is creating  Healing Ties all around us!

To listen live at 7pm (ED) on Health Cafe Live, simply click here! 

Cannot listen live…No Worries!! Healing Ties is available on  demand on our iHeart Radio channel by clicking here. 

Healing Ties is also available in the United Kingdom on UK Health Radio by clicking here! 



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‘The Extreme Patient’

While ‘The Little One’ continues to show marked improvement while recovering from the trauma of chemotherapy and radiation, we move on to another calamity called sciatica. Anyone who has had back pain knows how debilitating it can be, yet to alleviate the pain we must be open to new modes of treatment.

On Wednesday we motored to InMotion Health and Wellness for a visit with Dr. Greg Neff to see if Chiropractic help was in order for his current ailment.  The ‘Extreme Patient’ as we see in this photo opportunity for his building fan club,  (yes KJ, the only thing missing is the Tiara!) decided to ride the wave and try out this new treatment.   Of course there was the debate…”This is not going to work”…’Why are we wasting our time”… etc, etc, etc.  While I try not to roll my eyes (at least noticeably  to others), we just continue on with our friendly banter because that is the way we communicate.

Communication is a funny thing; just like relationships.  It’s funny how the two go hand in hand.  Relationships are built on strong communication and trust.    Yet in communicating his apprehension to Chiropractic care, I knew that this was simply a way for him to let off some frustration.    Sometimes, you just have to let go!

As caregivers, we have to be mindful that while we are there in a supporting role, it’s not our body that  is going through the treatments.   How much can the mind and body take in such a short period of time?  I think that really depends on the person and their ability to communicate their wants, needs and desires.  And in the supporting role, the caregiver has to be mindful that what you might want for your loved one, may not be what they want; what a slippery slope!

It is through honest communication,  built on trust and love that truly reveals the essence of a relationship.  We’re glad that we have (and share) this trust and love as we continue on this journey to better health and happiness.



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