The Telikin PC for the ‘The Little One’

When we decided to start looking for a new computer for ‘The Little One’ it was my goal to find a product that was user-friendly and with little maintenance.  I know you must think that I was dreaming!  Yet I was delightfully surprised when I learned of a computer that was specifically designed for seniors;  the Telikin computer.

Telikin is the easy to use, all in one, touchscreen computer designed with seniors in mind. Some seniors have never become familiar with computer technology and may be intimidated by computers and/or reluctant to use one. This results in a segment of the population being left out in an increasingly technological world.

We are not ‘high-tech‘ people, we are more ‘user friendly’ and that is exactly what Telikin offers to us.  We have tried laptops, we have tried connecting the PC to the large screen TV; Tablet’s well, forget about that as ‘The Little One’ tells me “the screen is too small on those things”, he will have nothing of them! Because of its easy access to the programs that are important to ‘The Little One’, Telikin seems to be a perfect fit for his computer needs.

‘The Little One’ at the Telikin Computer

“The Little One’ at the Telikin Computer

‘The Little One’ at the Telikin Computer

‘The Little One’ at the Telikin Computer

Coming from the caregiver’s point of view, I am constantly searching for items that have a positive impact for ‘The Little One.’   I know that I have found it with the Telikin Computer when he said, “This is really easy to use, I can find my favorite programs just by touching the screen. I am a computer illiterate and this computer opens me up to the 21st century; I find it very easy to use.”     For those who know ‘The Little One’, you know compliments from him  are sometime hard to come by; I am astonished!

What has impressed me about the Telikin PC was the ease of the set up and how quickly I was able to connect the computer to my wireless network.  The computer is user-friendly and easy to maneuver.  When it comes to technology and computers, each one of us has different skill levels,  what often frustrates people is when something that can appear to  be easy, becomes hard.  That is not the case with our Telikin Computer;  as easy as it was to set up the computer, it was just as easy to get ‘The Little One’ up and running on the device.  Of course, those wonderful video instructions were a big help too!

I will leave it to the ‘tech geeks’ to talk about the amount of memory and all ‘that behind the screen stuff ‘ that geeks like to talk about.  (By the way, the amount of memory is more than sufficient!)  As a caregiver, I want to surround myself with an excellent team to help in the Caregiving process.  The computer provides a sense of independence for ‘The Little One’ and many other seniors like him.  In essence, the computer is a part of our Caregiving team.    As a Caregiver I feel like I am partnering with a company that is focused  and understands the needs of seniors, not just another computer company.   Telikin understands what we are going through as caregivers and has developed a product that far exceeded my expectation.

I invited you to visit the Telikin senior computer website for more information.

 You see…We might have Cancer…but Cancer Does Not Have Us!



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