VRide Week 2 Update



Second VRide Weight In Sunday January 27th

We are now into week two of our VRide to promote Caregivers Health. This week I logged over 50 miles on the Stationary Bike and over 15 miles in walking distance. Every Sunday, I ‘Weigh In’ and today after one week of activity, I am 6 lbs down. 

During the first week of any exercise or weight management plan, it is not uncommon to lose more weight that is expected.  Health experts estimate that healthy weight lose is 2 lbs per week.  While I continue to be diligent with my diet and exercise routine this week, I don’t expect to lose 6 lbs every week.

Check out all our #VRide participants at Caregiving.com 

Continue to follow my progress here at ‘The Purple Jacket.”

Remember…We Might Have Cancer…


But Cancer Does Not Have US!


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10 responses to “VRide Week 2 Update

  1. Jill

    It took me 2 1/2 years to lose 65 lbs. on weight watchers. It was very frustrating during that time because I was not losing as much as I thought I should be weekly. Eventually it did come off & stayed off. Good luck!


  2. artnip



  3. You are splendid and inspiring in all ways, including this.


  4. Kevin

    Way to go! Congrats on your success!


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