The Financial Struggles of Caregiving


On Tuesday, October 1st at 1pm (est), I am pleased to welcome Nate Purpura, from eHealth, Inc.   To listen to our show live, simply click here! 

There is an estimated 44 million working family Caregivers in the United States today. Recent studies also indicate that due to time off of work, Caregivers can expect to lose wages totaling over $140,000!  According to eHealth Insurance, about one-third of adults who provide unpaid care for their elderly parents say they’ll have to use their own retirement savings to help their parents financially.

EHealth Medicare

Our guest, Nate Purpura, is the Director of Public Relations for and – division of eHealth, Inc has spent the last decade working in the health care and insurance industries. Nate’s area of focus have included everything from pharmaceuticals, health and wellness and chronic disease management programs to cutting diagnostic tools, insurance products, including Medicare, and internet-based “exchanges” or  marketplaces.


Having a grasp of finances is a critical component to Caregiving, but at times, an area that can be left unattended.  Through our conversation with Nate, we will learn why Caregivers often struggle with finances, along with gaining some helpful tips make this area of our Caregiving journey less stressful so that we can all ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver!’

To listen to our show live, simply click here! 

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