You’ll Be Okay!

Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important that your own ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Earlier this month, I was asked by my good friend Denise Brown from and  to share a video for today’s family caregivers that comforts with three words: You’ll be okay.

While creating this video, I learned that I  was comforted, knowing that by sharing my after caregiving journey might help someone else, just like me,  who is also in the grieving and healing process.

Loss is so personal, so real.  No one can really tell us how to deal with the loss of a loved one, yet that old cliché, ‘time does heals all wounds’  is true! However wounds heal at their own pace and in their own time, and in your time…you’ll be Okay…. because it does get better! 

To see my ‘You’ll Be Okay” video for, simply click on the heart!


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Click on the Heart to see Chris’ ‘You’ll Be OK” Video for


AfterGiving_Logo2If  you cared for a family member or friend? Please feel free to participate in You’ll Be Okay campaign.

Like me, you will be glad that you did!





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4 responses to “You’ll Be Okay!

  1. That’s a sweet video Chris, thank you for letting me view it. I couldn’t agree more about letting oneself to go through what ever experience of grief that draws us in. There is much to understand and feel during those times. I remember early on, after Kris passed away, I thought I would fight against my bouts of grief. Within a few days I actually got sick, as if getting a flu. I sensed this was linked to my fight and decided then and there to let go and experience whatever I needed to. I never got sick after that. In fact that approach has turned out to be a gentle and beautifully unfolding road. Acceptance of loss doesn’t seem to come easily, especially when it’s someone you dearly love – but loss is inevitable. Life amongst the mortals has its challenges.


    • Ira,
      Thanks for your kind words and insight. When Denise asked me to do the video, I thought it would be a good way to help in the grieving and healing process, so far so goo.
      It is so true, life amongst the mortals has its challenges, step by step, and with good friends like you, our days are less challenging!


      • ijwoods

        I hope making that video helped, It’s not an easy thing to do – immersing yourself like that. Just after Kris passed I wanted to create a video for the memorial we were organizing. Boy was that tough! I was only able to work on it about 20 minutes at a time, it was too much to bear. I am grateful to have the end product, but I probably worked on it too early.

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      • Ira,
        At first, it was hard to even think about doing the video. But once I got started on it, I did find my comfort zone and the process was quite healing! Like you, I am grateful for the end product, and my thought is that I will probably do a few more of these down the road.


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