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‘In These Shoes Part II’

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Today we picked up “The Little One’s”  new shoes today  Hanger Prosthetic and Orthotics.    Unfortunately, the first choice of shoes ‘The Little One’ selected, somehow was not available in a therapeutic model!  These Stilettos would make Bette Midler proud as she would be singing…”In These Shoes” once she laid eyes on these shoes!   

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As we arrived in the office of  Hanger Prosthetic and Orthotics we were greeted by Shelley who assisted us last week with the fitting.  Shelley is great to work with, she pulls no punches, knows what she is talking about and has a care for all her clients.  It was a pleasure to work with her.

Within moments of sitting in the waiting room, the new shoes arrived and the Imelda Marcos of South Florida was back in his element.  Mindful of what Shelley mentioned last week that “these shoes” would feel a little ‘loose’ at first, ‘The Little One’ was quick to comment about just that!  “When I get a blister on the back of my foot from ‘These Shoes’ being loose, I will be back next week to show you!”   Of course, my laughing at this statement was is not the polite thing to do!

Shelley handled the comment with grace; by the time we were ready to leave, the Imelda Marcos of  South Florida had already had is eye out on another pair of shoes.  Should I have really have been surprised?   

The good folks at  Hanger really treated us well today.  There was a complete mix up with the co-pay, they admitted their error and allowed us to send in payment as we were under the impression that there was no funds due upon pick up of ‘These Shoes.’  Customer Service goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression on consumers.  I knew from my previous experience with Hanger that they were a model company whose mission is to help people lead a better life.   They proved it again today!  It goes without saying that when you are in the people business, you need to be about the people!  Hanger proved that again today.  And with that,  had one happy customer leaving their office today!

‘The Purple Jacket’

You see…we might have cancer, but cancer does not have us! 

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Excelling in Independence

As we continue with our transition back to Florida, it is hard to believe that we have already been here a month.  Yet,  after one month, it is easy to see the positive affects that this  transitions has had on ‘The Little One.”  It really comes down to one simple aspect of life…INDEPENDENCE.

One of the main issues that usually surfaces in a care giving role is that of independence versus dependence.  We all strive to keep our independence; it’s that physiological edge that makes us want to cry out for more.  Illness in general and cancer in particular, often lead to dependence.  Dependence can heighten the illness in which you are fighting to over come; dependence can in turn lead to depression, which all to often creeps into our physical and mental being.

While we miss our family and friends in St. Louis, ‘The Little One’ has gained quite a bit of his independence back since returning to Florida full-time.  There is a second car to drive, there are long-standing friends and family in the area, there is a house that he shared with his partner Herman for over 30 years, trips to the grocery store and an ocean right down the road; the list goes on and on.  

All to often we tend to forget that it is the simple things in life that mean the most.  When you are a caregiver, often times you have to give up things you love in order to care for the one you love.   It’s not a hardship, it’s not a problem, it is just something you do when you know it is right.

As I sit back and watch the remarkable improvement in his health, we know that life changes on a moments notice. We live in the moment, hoping that our decisions help facilitate good health and prosperity for everyone!  So far, we seem to be on the right track.  When I see ‘The Little One’ pulling out of the garage and off in his little buggy, I think…’how remarkable this truly is given the fact that six months ago he was not even driving a car, a prisoner to our home, dependent in the majority of things that he wanted to do.

Thursday we motor to the Oncologist for our next update; so far all the Doc’s have been pleased.  There is weight gain, there is added strength, there is a mark difference in personality…a personality of independence.

You see, we might have Cancer…But Cancer does not have us!


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We have plenty to be thankful for today on this beautiful Christmas morning and wanted to share our gratitude with you.

Our journey has just begun; pleased with the outcome of the pet scan we still have a long way to go in order to build up strength in order to keep the big ‘C’ at bay. We have quite a bit more work to do!

For all those who are experiencing the trauma of cancer in your life know of our heart felt love and support.

For all the care givers know that your love and commitment never goes unnoticed!

Merry Christmas to all and
‘Thank You’ for reading ”The Purple Jacket.’ We look ahead with anticipation, courage and thankful for the love and support of our family and friends.

We have cancer; but cancer does not have us!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and peace and love to all.





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Barbara Streisand once sang…’People Who Need People Are The Luckiest People In the World.’ We are all attracted to different people and for different reasons; life would be boring if that was not the case. Love and attraction are so personal and hard to describe.

What does age have to do with love?

During a telephone conversation Tuesday evening with a close friend in Indianapolis, I came upon a word that I rarely like to use…”intergenerational.” The word just popped out of my mouth as we were discussing ‘The Little One’s’ marked improvement over the last week.

While I have never been big on buzz words, acronyms or labels; there are plenty of descriptions used to describe ‘us.’ “May and December” is probably the most common description, yet there are plenty of unsavory descriptions, too.

What really is the issue here?

Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are cheese!

What is important to recognize is that the roles that we are currently experiencing in our life could easily be reversed; I could be the one with cancer and he could be the one doing the care giving. Age really has nothing to do with it! Of course we understand the physical limits age can have on the body, yet that does not take away the determination of the soul.

I do not expect anyone to really understand this ‘intergenerational relationship.’ Heck, there are many relationships that I do not understand. ‘Those who don’t like what they see, don’t have to look’ is what a famous philosopher once said to me. (RIP-RJO) What is important to remember is that the only two people who really know what is going on in a relationship, are the two that are in it. Everything else is pure speculation

The best description I have ever heard in regards to love is spoken in one…simple…word. Unconditional.

To love someone unconditionally breaks down barriers, enables trust and ensures commitment. Cancer or no cancer, it’s all about giving of oneself to the love and care of another.

Love and acceptance are music to the heart and soul…those are the labels that we can all live with!

So, what does age have to do with it?


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