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Everything You Need to Know About Going Back to School after Retirement

If you have been reading the articles that we posted here on Senior Outlook Today, you know that being a retiree does not mean you stop being productive. There are so many things you can do in your retirement days, including traveling more and starting your own business venture.

In recent years, more seniors are returning to school and pursuing higher degrees. This trend is picking up traction, as there are more students aged 55+ today than there were five years ago. Some universities even have programs for seniors.

The real driving force behind this new trend, however, is the online degree. Top names like Baylor University are opening up their online programs to more students across the country, giving everyone – from professionals to seniors – a chance to go back to school.

There is no shortage of programs and degrees to choose from either. Before you start looking into different courses and degrees you can pursue, here is everything you need to know about going back to school as a retiree.

Why should you return to school?

Taking a course in a field that you like on its own is satisfying. It is a way to achieve more in life; a way that is now more accessible than ever. You no longer have to jump through hoops to enroll in programs from top universities and pursue degrees such as a nursing masters degree online.

Pursuing a higher degree is a great way to keep the mind sharp. You will be learning new skills and studying course materials as you pursue the degree of your dreams. You’ll start reading more and putting your experience to good use.

On top of that, going back to school is a great way to expand your personal and professional network. Even when you choose to study online, you can meet fellow online students – many of them younger than you – and widen your horizon in the process.

You can even return to a career – or start a new one – after completing the course. A graduate or postgraduate degree can help you secure a teaching position. The degree is valuable in today’s market, so you can return to work as an expert in your field once you complete the course.

What are the challenges?

Going back to school as a retiree has its challenges. Don’t think for a second that you will be treated differently just because you are a senior. Online programs from top universities follow the same strict standards as their offline counterparts, so you still need to perform well as a student to graduate.

For younger online students, time management is often a big hurdle. Since you are in your retirement, finding one or two hours every day for studying should not be a problem. You also have the freedom to study from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Even better, you can choose to pursue a degree while realizing other retirement dreams. I know a lot of retirees who are spending their time traveling more while still working towards earning a master’s degree from halfway across the world.

The programs themselves have enrollment requirements that you need to meet. If you want to pursue the aforementioned nursing master’s degree online, for example, you need to be a nurse practitioner who meets the course’s specific enrollment requirements.

Is it difficult to get started?

No; not at all. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to find a good online course to enroll in. As mentioned before, more universities are opening their online programs to students from all parts of the country, so you have more courses to choose from right now.

Online courses are substantially more affordable than the equivalent offline programs, so tuition isn’t something you need to worry about either. Besides, there are grants, scholarships, and programs designed to help seniors return to school.

A good example is when you are interested in teaching after acquiring your master’s degree. Using the right scholarship, you can go back to school, earn a master’s degree, and start sharing your lifelong experience with younger students.

You also need to prepare yourself for the course, but this too is an easy task to complete. As long as you can allocate some time – and know how to stick to the schedule – you will have no trouble taking the course and pursuing the degree of your dream. It is never too late to study. The number of graduates who are in their retirement is already close to 10%, so you know there are plenty of opportunities for you to seize.

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How can Retirement Communities Improve Life of Aging Family Members?



Today we welcome Andy from Patient Handling , as a guest blogger to ‘The Purple Jacket’.

Retirement communities are popular these days. Retirees prefer to live within such villages because they are spared from the typical rudiments of living with children and teens. Such places are also quieter, enabling seniors to live a quiet and more peaceful lifestyle.

 Living in retirement communities can  bring significant improvements in the daily lives of aging family members. Here are some ways these villages can be beneficial to seniors.


Retirement villages encourage retirees to arrive with as few possessions as possible. This because they will be living in a smaller space, and do not need a lot of things for just one person. While this may seem constricting, it is actually good since the retiree will not have to take care of – or clean – as many things as they would have to were they to live in a full-sized home. This way freedom from required home maintenance is a great perk. There is no sense in living in a big house. Seniors would not have the stamina, strength, and drive to take care of huge mansions.

 Social connections:

Interaction and socialization with other people is important for people. As retirees leave their careers behind, they may suddenly feel detached from the society, where they used to actively participate. Retirement communities help facilitate the need for socialization. Retirees may live in a neighborhood where all residents are retirees. This way, it would be much easier to relate with everyone in the village.

 Recreational activities:

Retirees have more time for recreation. That is why there are many facilities that encourage recreational activities within retirement villages. Retirees can thus enjoy Bingo, and other activities without having to go too far. It can be difficult for older people to travel too far for social events, which is why a retirement community will be the perfect place, since they can socialize with their friends easily. Furthermore, most retirement communities employ well-trained activity directors.

 Assisted living services:

Those who require assistance in conducting daily and basic household activities can take advantage of assisted living services offered to retirees in retirement communities. The villages employ health care professionals, medical security personnel, and other experts to provide health services within the community when needed.

 Easy transportation:

Retirees may find it harder to roam around, drive, or commute when going to places. That is why most retirement communities are designed to facilitate easy transportation. The villages are often ‘walkable’ areas. Transportation services are quickly provided for the convenience of all retirees living in the area.

 Most retirees proclaim their plans not to leave their homes when they retire. But many seniors change their stances and opt to live in retirement communities. It would be nicer to live in a neighborhood where everyone understands and relates with everyone. Before you reach your retirement age, you can already make plans for your retirement years. That should include living in an ideal retirement village.

 Andy has blogged about senior care for over 4 years and is involved in the senior  industry as a patient ceiling hoist distributor for Patient Handling. When he is not blogging, Andy enjoys spending time with his family.  Please be sure to visit Patient Handling website at http://patienthandling.com.au/ceiling-hoists/

Thanks Andy for sharing your insights and information with our readers at ‘The Purple Jacket!’

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Be A Healthy Caregiver on Blog Talk Radio


On Tuesday, March 5th at 1:00pm EST we welcome ‘America’s Safe Retirement Coach’ Jack Tatar to our Be A Healthy Caregiver’ show on Blog Talk Radio.   

Safe For Retirement

Because of his holistic approach, Jack has a unique perspective on retirement  that focuses on health, wellness, mental attitude and staying involved as keys to living a long and safe retirement.

Jack Tatar

Jack Tatar                                           ‘America’s Safe Retirement Coach’

Through his personal experience and professional expertise, Jack will be able to provide is insights on how we can all ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’

To Visit Jack’s Website, please click here.

Jack’s new book, Having the Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parent’s Safe Retirement is also at Amazon by clicking hereJack’s book,  Safe 4  Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement is also available from Amazon by clicking here.

Our show is available live at 1:00 pm with optional chat room for you to ask questions to our guest. (Our show is archived so you can listen at your  convenience.) To access our show, simply click  here.


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