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Preserving Our Legacy

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Bertrand Russell

2016-10-27-3I am often inspired by family caregivers who share their story; I find story sharing to be healing.  One of the reasons I started to blog about our Caregiving experience was to have an outlet to share our story.   When we share our story, there is a sense of relief that you have been heard, that your experience might be of help to someone.

Mike Stith from One Legacy has a passion for sharing inspirational stories.  Mike has helped families preserve their family legacy through story telling that he captures in a variety of ways.    Mike believes that in sharing stories, On Legacy is adding a special piece of history for future generations.  I think he is right on target with that assessment.

I did not have the opportunity to meet three of my four grandparents, however I do remember my five older siblings talking about all four of our grandparents with fond memories.  How I wish we would have been able to capture my grandparents legacy so that I would have had a better sense of my grandparents.  One Legacy is preserving family stories for future generations in a way will capture the hearts of future family generations.

Don’t just take it from me, listen in and learn how Mike Stith from One Legacy is creating Healing Ties all around us!

To learn more about One Legacy visit them on-line at http://onelegacy.com/

You can reach Mike Stith via email at mstith@onelegacy.com   Twitter https://twitter.com/one_legacy_com  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/onelegacyllc

Chris MacLellan is the author of “What’s The Deal with Caregiving” and the Host of  Healing Ties Radio


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Coming Soon: A New Book and A New Look

Exciting Times are about to happen at “The Purple Jacket” as my first book, “What’s The Deal With Caregiving” will be available this weekend (October 17th) on Amazon.com.  Check back here on the Purple Jacket for a direct link to purchase the book on Amazon when we go live this weekend.

“Here are a couple of testimonials from my upcoming book: “What’s The Deal With Caregiving”

Chris MacLellan, masterfully compiled advantageous information and resources that caregivers are desperately searching for. This book will help you make it through your caregiving campaign and survive in one piece. Having authored several dementia caregiving books myself, I constantly found myself nodding yes, and saying, “This book is right on the money.” This is a great collective wealth of resources for all caregivers, no matter what disease your loved one is ailing from. Author, 3D1Caregiver, Gary Joseph LeBlanc”

“I really love the approach you took with this – it’s different and of great interest to me as someone who was caregiving a loved one. It’s different because you are approaching it from angles that I don’t remember reading about before. You highlight important issues that sat at periphery of my awareness. I wish I had read this the year Kris started to wind down. Unfortunately I can’t go backwards, but for those now embarking on the caregiving journey it will be of immeasurable value.” Ira Woods, President and CEO of One World Memorials. Author’s Note: Please visit Ira Woods’ blog, Conscious Departures.com for his well-written and compelling story when Caregiving ends.

What else is new you might ask?  Well, we are moving domains to ‘The Bow Tie Guy.com”  This transition will happen over the next month wherebowtie guy rainbow 2_399 (1) we will be able to house all our podcasts, blog posts and our new resource area called the “Whole Care Network.”   The “Whole Care Network will be a mixture of podcasts, guest blog posts, and most importantly, trusted resources for you!

The resources in the “Whole Care Network” will center around the five pillars which I write about in my book, here is an exert:

“It is easy to get lost in Caregiving, I know it happened to me! Find purpose in the midst of Caregiving. Do not let your own health lag. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. These five pillars can get out of whack quickly, and when they do, it is all you can do to stay afloat. If there was one thing I could go back and change about my Caregiving experience, I would have taken better care of myself in all five of these areas. It’s “funny” the person who was insisting I take better care of myself, was the one I was caring for, my partner Richard.”

The “Whole Care Network” will feature trusted resources from professionals in all these area who will share their expertise with you.   But you know what is even more important?  For you to share your Caregiving expertise with them!  How can you WholeCareNetworkdo that you might ask?  Easy…share your story through a podcast with me on “Healing Ties!”  Everyone (Caregiver) has a story, but not everyone gets to share their story” now you have an outlet to share your story with me on a podcast!  For more details on how you can sign up for a podcast, simply email me at Chris@thepurplejacket.com.   Are you a professional who has a resource you would like to share?  Please, email me at Chris@thepurplejacket.com!

So what lies ahead for “The Bow Tie Guy”…

New Book, “What’s The Deal With Caregiving”

New Podcast format for “Healing Ties”

New Website “TheBowTieGuy.com”  (of course we will keep “The Purple Jacket” as this is where our Caregiving Story with my partner started”

I am available to speak to your company, organization or church on a variety of topics, email me at Chris@thepurplejacket.com for details.

Second Book in the works:  “Healing Ties” A Story about Love, Care, Cancer and Commitment in 2016.

Thesis project in conjunction with Gonzaga University (we are hoping to partner with another well-known Caregiving advocate and website, when that is formalized, I will be sure to let you know).  The thesis project will center around Caregiving, Stress and the financial impact to employers and employees.

Last but now least, we are your go to for travel planning.  In my book, there is an entire section geared toward how to travel with your Caree.  With that, I have become a group cruise specialist.  Be on the lookout for an announcement on our first After Caregiving cruise in 2016!

As I write in my book:  “Richard would want me to create a new life to love”…and while I wish he was here with me now, I know that he is standing right beside me!

Remember our slogan…”We might have (had) cancer, but cancer never had us!”

The Bow Tie Guys

Thanks for all your continued support as we move in with life after Caregiving ends!


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