‘SNIF’ Out Your Senior Housing Options!



On Tuesday June 11th on ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ on Blog Talk Radio, I had the pleasure of speaking with Senior Housing expert Bruce Rosenblatt. Bruce senior housing solutions logo1is the Founder and CEO of Senior Housing Solutions and has been in the involved in the sales and marketing of senior housing communities for nearly 25 years.   Not only is Bruce knowledgeable and an excellent resource is the field of senior housing, Bruce is compassionate and is a terrific communicator!

To listen to this episode of ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ simply click here!

During our conversation, we spoke at great lengths about the different levels  of Senior Housing that are available to families and their loved ones to choose from.  Just like buying a car, there are many brands with many options. It is important for us to choose wisely and read all contractual obligations in the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Here are some tips to consider when searching for senior housing:

  • Do your research on the proprietor, the property and the neighborhood:
  • Decide where you want to live:
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions relating to continuing of care and financial obligations:
  • Be proactive and not reactive:
  • Don’t go solo, engage an objective 3rd person to help in the process.

Moving is often an emotional and traumatic experience for seniors and their families.   Being proactive, while allowing your loved one to have a voice in the process will help create a smooth transition.  Having someone like Bruce Rosenblatt on your team  ensures that when those ‘i’s’ are dotted and those ‘t’s’ are crossed, you can be assured that your loved one is safe and secure!

To listen to this episode of ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ simply click here!

Bruce Rosenblat

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