‘Granny Suites’…How Cool Is That!



Tuesday on ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’, I had the pleasure to visit with Hank and Henry Moseley from Home Care Suites.   To listen to our show, simply click here!


A recent PEWS survey indicated that almost half of the adults in the United States feel that at some time in their life, they will be caring for a parent or an adult member of their family.  When you take into consideration that there are over 44 million working family caregivers in the country, it goes without saying that we spend quite a bit of time caring!

Home Care Suites offers a unique option for Senior living by building custom tailored ‘Granny’ Suites ( I just love that description) right in the convenience of your own back yard.  The homes are cost and energy-efficient, while offering a technology package which provides safety and security for the entire family.

What attracted me to Home Care Suites was not only their quality product, or their excellent reputation, it was their ability to take a concept and make it work that is practical for everyone in a family!  Home Care Suites provides an excellent option for senior living which allows for autonomy, safety and cost efficiency.    And to top that off, you get the  personal attention from a Father/Son team that is not only experienced and knowledgeable, they understand what it means to ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver!’

Be sure to visit Home Care Suites on-line and check out all the wonderful options they offer in Senior living by simply clicking here! 

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