Happy Birthday Caregiving.com!



Denise Brown, Caregiving.com

It is not often someone get’s to celebrate a 17th birthday twice, but that is what is going on today with Denise Brown at Caregiving.com! Denise registered CareGiving.com seventeen years ago on August 3rd; Denise and her website continue to offer soothing support, wonderful direction for a host of family Caregivers that instantly become your extended family.  Denise has been a mentor to many Caregivers and always, I MEAN ALWAYS, is there to lend her support, wisdom and care.  

There are an estimated 66 million family caregivers just in the United States.  Caregiving is about collaboration, not about competition. Each family Caregiver has their own Caregiving journey story to tell, yet it is through those stories where Caregivers connect with each other, understand each other, are there for each other.  Denise Brown and Caregiving.com is a perfect example of this philosophy.  

Take the time to visit Denise at Caregiving.com by simply clicking here! You’ll find Denise as an author, keynote speaker, radio show host and a friend to many.  But what you will really find without evening knowing it, is that gentle  guide and support that every caregiver needs while on their journey from someone who really does care.  

I found Caregiving.com two years ago when I started to write about my Caregiving Journey and have not looked back since.  Denise has encouraged me to find my voice through blogging, and my weekly radio show; my life has been changed for the better by Denise and my extended family of Caregivers on Caregiving.com   Your life will be changed too by visiting Caregiving.com!  Stop by today or anytime this week and wish  Denise another 17th birthday and see what she has in store for everyone during her birthday celebration!  





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