The Caregiving Hour With Kim Linder


I am excited to be a guest on The  Caregiver Hour  radio show hosted  Kim Linder, founder of Senior Holistic Living and creator of The New Age of Caregiving Symposium on Monday August 5th at 11:00 am (est)

There are Four Ways to Listen (For questions, call 877-897-8255)

  • On the Radio: 
    11AM to 12PM EST Mondays on
    Clear Channel 1250 AM WHNZ Impact Radio in Tampa


TCH_listenliveKim’s  aim is to support caregivers by providing encouragement, advice and helpful resources. Recognizing that many caregivers want to be authentic while setting healthy boundaries, Kim seeks to guide them towards a place of purposeful wisdom. A place where they can look at the big picture and make conscious decisions rather than reacting to the fear and panic that often set in after someone in their life falls, becomes ill, or experiences another type of crisis.

Focused on everything from the practical daily responsibilities to the emotional hard-to-discuss issues that caregivers face, The Caregiver Hour is a valued resource for primary and secondary caregivers. So whether you’re regularly caring for someone, or providing relief and support to a caregiver who is, this show will guide your path in a way that’s accessible, engaging, and most of all, useful to those in need.

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