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Alzheimers Dementia Wristband Hospital Project


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Gary LeBlanc

Join us on Tuesday August 27th at 1:00pm (est) for a conversation with Gary LeBlanc from Common Sense Caregiving, founder of the Alzheimer’s Dementia Wristband Hospital Project and Margaret Doerr, CEO of Nursing at Brooksville Regional Hospital in Brooksville, Florida.

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After enduring 3 nightmares hospital stays with his dad who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Gary recognized that there needed to be a better way for staff to recognize the special needs of his father. 


Margaret Doerr

On today’s show, we are going to talk with Gary  and Margaret about how one, simple, identification bracelet can go a long way in providing comfort and security for patients, caregivers and a hospital staff. Yet this is more than just putting a bracelet on an Alzheimer’s patients:  this project is about training, educating and recognizing the special needs of Alzheimer’s patients to an entire hospital staff!


Gary’s project is a prime example of how Caregivers can have an impact on polices and procedures because Caregivers are always the ones in the trenches!  Through our conversation with Gary and Margaret, we will all learn how to ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver!’.


The Universal Symbol for Alzheimer’s

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To learn more about Gary and the Wristband Project click here! 

To learn more about Brookfield Regional Hospital click here! 

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Caregiver Burnout: 9 Ways to Avoid It

In celebration of National Caregiver’s Month, I would like to welcome Hannah Munson as our guest blogger to ‘The Purple Jacket” today.  Hannah is a recent Social Worker graduate who interned for two years as a caregiver in the Metro Detroit  area provides us with some gentle reminders  on how to avoid Caregiver Burnout.

While reading Hannah’s  terrific post, I am reminded that in order to ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’, we have to take good care of ourselves, too!   Thanks Hannah for your contribution today!

Caregiver Burnout: 9 Ways to Avoid It

Caregivers are the kind of people whose profession warrants them to take care of people who are no longer capable of doing it for their selves. However, we must not forget that caregivers are also human beings who also have their own bodies which also need to be taken care of.  Every caregiver has to see to it that he or she is always in a good working condition.  But, if there are times when he or she begins to experience burnout something must be done right away.  The following are some of the ways to avoid burnout:

1.      Do not keep everything to yourself.

If you feel like you need someone else who understands your predicament as a caregiver, might as well join a support group.  These groups will enable you to express your anxiety, predicament and other problems without the fear of being unfairly judged.

2.     Take some time off.

Caregivers must be proactive in telling their superiors that they badly need some time off for themselves.  They should not wait for their supervisors to notice their being stressed out before they request for a time-off.

3.     Eat nutritious foods.

This would mean that you should not just eat anything that you want.  See to it that you are eating foods that will help you become healthy enough to take care of your patients or somebody else.

4.     Have enough sleep.

Even if your occupation requires you to work on a graveyard shift, this should not be reason enough for you to deprive yourself of enough sleep.  Always find time to have enough sleep to recharge your senses and your entire body.

5.     Exercise regularly.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent burn out.  When you take the time to exercise on a regular basis you will always have the chance to unwind. Get focused on your exercise and you will be relieved from stress and anxiety.

6.     Find time for your favorite hobby.

Burn out is usually caused by too much exposure to highly stressful situations.  One way to relax is to have time for your favorite hobby.  Read if you must or indulge in your favorite sports.

7.     Be informed.

Sometimes, caregivers experience stress, anxiety or that burn out feeling when they need to take care of a patient who has serious medical condition.  Read and search the internet for more information regarding your patient’s condition.  This way, you will become better equipped with knowledge on how to deal with your patient.

8.    Express yourself.

Some caregivers would prefer to keep their sentiments to themselves because they are too shy to share it with others.  Call a trusted friend with whom you can express your feelings. Letting out your emotions will prove to be one great way to relieve yourself.

9.     Take time to meditate.

You do not have to go to the gym or to a Yoga class in order to have time to meditate.  Just look for a quiet room in your house where you can sit comfortably and concentrate.  Meditation allows you to relax and become more focused on your goals and not on the negative things that are happening in your life.

This was a post written by Hannah M.  She runs the website ‘How Much Is It’.  You can access her website by clicking here.   “How Much Is It” a large resource that helps you find the cost on just about anything.  Please, Check it out!

If you are interested in being a guest blogger on ‘The Purple Jacket” please send me an email by clicking here 

 ‘We Might Have Cancer…

But Cancer Does Not Have Us!’


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